Supporting Vegan Kids

by | January 9, 2018

Supporting Vegan Kids Worldwide

In an Omni world, it can be tough for children being raised vegan to feel like they have a community of other kids like them. Having a sense of belonging is sometime hard to come by, as online resources aren’t always tailored for children. While we find comfort in our Facebook groups and can scroll through Instagram and connect with thousands of other vegans in an instant, vegan kids sometimes only have the support of their parents and siblings. When even Grandma and Grandpa don’t eat the way you do, it can feel a little lonely. Supporting vegan kids is a huge aspect of Raise Vegan, and we’ve launched Raised Vegan Magazine to connect our little ones and give them a way to be a part of the vegan community in a safe and fun way!

Each month we will feature children from the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting network, we would love to give everyone a chance to feel like the star! Being a vegan kid, and raising vegan children is a major deal! We are saving the planet, the lives of countless sentient beings, and helping our families live the healthiest life possible.

The Mini Magazine is available in the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting Store! Share your pics with us on Instagram to be featured in our stories as a thank you all for spreading love and supporting vegan kids.

If you need further support as a vegan parent on raising your children vegan be sure to read articles such as Why You Should Raise Vegan and Raising Vegan Children. Online resources such as Ask A Plant Based Dietitian can help your family get the complete nutrition and stay on track. Enjoy tons of fun recipes to make with your little vegan in Vegan Eats 4 Smaller Feet, and get in on the action by sharing your family recipe pictures with the group!


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