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Body Temperature and hot all the time

You’re already uncomfortable, does it have to be THIS hot also? Surviving pregnancy in the heat is a challenge to regulate your body temperature. It causes a level of cranky that no-one knew they were capable of before.

Follow these tips for a happy and cool summer. 


body temperature

While it’s the one piece of advice everyone leads with, it’s for a very good reason. If you wait until you’re already thirsty, you’ve already reached the dehydrated stage. It’s especially harder to regulate your body temperature if you’re to busy growing another human, so hydrate – keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and a mister for those insufferable subway journeys commuting to work. 


body temperature

Did you know, that when we are pregnant, the chances of getting sunburn increases? It does, and it’s painful. Ensure you’re using a great vegan sunblock protection and reapply every 3-4 hours, and more if you’re in the water. 

Reduce Your Sodium Intake 

body temperature

Reducing the amount of sodium you eat will  help with any swelling that you will have pregnant.  Just don’t eliminate it completely, iodine is a much-needed nutrient for growing babies.  

Get The Correct Shoes 

body temperature

Those flip-flops might be the cutest ones in the store, but they are lacking in arch support when your back needs it. Instead, get the sandals with the great support to keep you pain free

Go For a Swim 

body temperature

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and a quick dip is always a sure fire way to cool down instantly and get that body temperature under control. 

Wear Light Breathable Clothing 

body temperature

It’s summertime and the livin’ is…too damn hot. Even though we would rather sit naked in front of the AC when temperatures hit those triple-digits, we still have to go on about our real lives and wear layers of clothing on our perspiring and clammy bodies. To make the stifling humidity more bearable for our sartorial sensibilities, wear breathable clothing that can let in some air.  

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