Teacher Writes Touching Letter To Kids Who Left World Too Early for School

by | August 14, 2018

One teacher writes touching letter to children who didn’t make it to kindergarten.

The smiling faces, the little signs. So full of hope for the future, but there are parents who will never get to experience the joy and anxiety of sending their little ones off for their first day of school. 

August is full of parents running around target, looking for the last of school supplies, conjuring up the most adorable little signs to mark this momentous day of their kids embarking on their first school day. But at the same time, there are parents, grief-stricken, trying to imagine what their kids would look like now, how they’d react going to school, what kind of backpack they would have wanted, and all the wonderful conversations about how their teacher is simply ‘the best ever in the entire world’.

Teacher, Rach Whalen, from the website An Unexpected Family Outing, knows the pain of losing her own child, Dorothy, who was born sleeping in 2016. The teacher writes touching letter to all those parents who experience the same loss as her.

As summer was winding down, the teacher writes touching letter to those parents, one that will stop your heart beating, with tears running down your face, because even if you haven’t lost a child. We cannot even begin to imagine the grief and heartache it brings.

teacher writes touching letter

“I thought of them; the children who should be coming to kindergarten,” she wrote in her post. “I imagined the families who should be receiving letters from new teachers, but instead, they are receiving yet another dose of heartbreak at the milestone their child did not reach. So, I have decided that, for this year, they can join my classroom. I will be their teacher.”

Mrs Whalen shows a massive amount of strength and courage being the teacher writes touching letter, and it’s something to admire.

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