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The Four Types of Parenting Styles, Which One Are You?

by | December 6, 2018

We hear all the phrases about parenting, and it starts to get a little confusing sometimes, but there are distinct types of parenting, in fact, there are four types of parenting styles, and which one you practice will determine how your child will behave as an adult. Take and look and let us know which one you are. 

The Authoritarian Parent

four types of parenting styles
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The parent who rules the world, sometimes with too much of an iron fist. Without flexibility in life, it makes it extremely stifling. 

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The Permissive Parent 

four types of parenting styles
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As when too many rules creates a toxic atmosphere, too little creates chaos. Children need structure in their lives, and if their parent is also their best friend, unable to create rules, boundaries and structure. It leads to a lot problems for the child later in life. 

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four types of parenting styles
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Are you one of the four types of parenting styles? 

Uninvolved Parenting

four types of parenting styles
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I know when you were having this little person, you imagined all the cool things you’d do together, sight-seeing, museums, reading together at night time. However, those deadlines at work just increased with the promotion, and your phone never really stops. You’re trying to create a future for them, but at the same time, missing out on their crucial stages of growing. This is one of the most common of the four types of parenting styles in busy families that we see. 

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Authoritative Parent 

four types of parenting styles
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You are there for all their emotional needs, the late night soccer practices and cheering on from the sidelines every cold winter morning. You are a stellar parent, but junior better acknowledge your sacrifices and get an A+ on every exam, Harvard isn’t going to come knocking as his door unless he is the best of the best. Sometimes, setting unrealistic goals for our children creates burn out, depression and disappointment. 

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After reading, do you think you fit into one of the four types of parenting styles? Maybe a little bit of each of them, or you can clearly see yourself in just one? Let us know in the comments. 

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