The Vegan Revolution on Social Media

by | January 11, 2018

Is a revolution heading our way?

Health and fitness consciousness has grown into its own trend on social media, creating a new network of people looking for information and eager to learn about what diet is going to better them. With so much research on the benefits of a vegan diet, people are turning away from traditional omnivorous food sources and reaping in the perks of an 100% plant based diet. It’s become almost a competition on social media platforms of people displaying their results from various workout plans and diets. A vegan lifestyle has been one of the most talked about across social media.

It is easy to see why, with vegan celebrities and models involved in animal activism, as well as numerous Instagram famous individuals showing off their acai bowls and food bloggers with their incredible plant based food art blasted across the web– It’s no surprise that with the rise of social media there has been an increased awareness and interest in the vegan way of life.

Content creators are producing pictures, articles and recipes that are being shared on a daily basis about the vegan lifestyle. Social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest make the whole ‘healthy lifestyle’ in general seem more appealing and almost desirable to the majority, as they are proving that veganism is the best lifestyle choice in modern day.

One of the most prominent figures in the vegan blogging community is EarthAndy, with over 740,000+ followers on Instagram alone, has not only made a vegan lifestyle (and Hawaii life!) look incredibly attractive. She is also one of the people that have helped normalize vegan children, along with the massive network of vegan parents, Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting. Having resources and influencers working in tandem to debunk myths about vegans being nutritionally inferior to meat eaters. You can see how influential social media can be in bringing veganism to people’s attention.

Vegan food was often thought of as unaffordable. People believed it was complex and requires a lot of expensive alternative products. While some vegan recipes require special ingredients to make specific dishes, vegan food is much less complex than people believe it to be. Excellent examples of this would be numerous Instagram accounts, such as ‘Vegan Hacks’ in which easy and attainable everyday recipes are shared with their followers. as well new media such as Raise Vegan Magazine that includes incredible vegan recipes that are designed with families in mind.


A vegan lifestyle is now often seen as being trendy.

YouTube plays a huge role in the vegan community’s growth, as it reaches a different spectrum of audience than other sites. This has allowed more people to be inspired by, and be able to try out, various vegan food and fitness plans that they may have never heard of before. YouTubers like Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler – have a younger fan base, meaning veganism is being promoted to younger generations. Which correlates to the sudden rise of vegan teenagers, since a vegan lifestyle is now often seen as being ‘trendy’. Younger generations have countless social media personalities to be inspired by and even contact with questions and an access to medical research that the older generations would have never found.

Essentially the growth of social media itself is having an impact on the vegan community with more recipes, cooking videos, and information shared across the internet. With thousands of people in now in an “Influencer” role, it’s undeniable that veganism is the new black due to their efforts.

Emily L Wood. Emily is a co-founder of Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting. She lives in New York with her husband and son.


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