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This New Children’s Book Is Perfect For Your Eco-Friendly Kiddos

by | October 18, 2019

Packing a sweet story with a powerful message fit for even the smallest of eco-warriors, Loving Air on EARTH is a must have for any eco-conscious parent looking to grow their child’s bookshelf.

Through the story of a little girl named Paige and her friend Air — a sick cloud she meets along the way — this delightfully illustrated children’s book puts environmental challenges into kid-friendly terms that will help your kids grow as environmentalists and friends. Loving Air on EARTH was created to emphasize the importance of becoming more eco-conscious while teaching your little ones about empathy, friendship, and helping others.

As Paige learns about how to help her new friend, little readers are exposed to practical ways to protect their planet and help keep the air clean — ultimately tackling a difficult subject in a hopeful, easy-to-digest tone. 

Loving Air On EARTH Children's Book
The cover of Pen’s eco-minded children’s book

Ana Pen: Children’s Book Author & More 

With a masters degree and certification in public health, as well as a medical degree, Author Ana Pen is no stranger to promoting wellbeing for people or the planet — and says she created Loving Air On EARTH with the hopes of enacting big change.

She told Raise Vegan that she was inspired to write a children’s book with the power improve our environmental standing, and promote better air quality and overall health. 

“I truly hope that children will learn that planting trees can be fun andis good for them, for other people, and for the environment,” she said.

You can purchase Loving Air on EARTH here, and follow Ana Pen on Instagram.

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