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Tips on booking your first family vacation

by | February 13, 2019

Going on your first family vacation is an exciting experience, maybe you’re going a couple of states over to Disneyland or perhaps a different country for the very first time. Maybe the last time you went on a vacation was during your honeymoon years ago. No matter how seasoned you are in traveling, it’s always good to brush up on the basics. Here are some stress-free tips for booking your first family vacation.

Tips on booking your first family vacation
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Tips on booking your first family vacation

Decide on the type of trip you want to go on

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Do you want to go on a relaxing trip to Hawaii with luaus and sandy beaches? Maybe you want to go to Los Angeles for Disneyland and Hollywood Boulevard. Or perhaps you’re going to fly to Italy to give your family a history lesson on ancient art. Nail down possible destinations by first thinking of your desired theme.

Research rises and falls in prices

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Google flights allows you to track prices for plane travel, they’ll notify you when there’s a drop or a rise in prices so that you can try to book at the lowest price possible so that you can save money for souvenirs or extra activities. If your schedule allows, traveling in an off-season or on weekdays is significantly cheaper.

Book way in advance

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In order to ensure you are able to do everything you would like to do, book all tickets in advance (transportation, museum, theme park, show,etc…). Booking in advance compared to in person will most likely give you a better price rate and you will be able to snag the day and time for certain activities that work best for your itinerary. Choose electronic tickets at checkout so that everything is all in one place.

Plan a flexible itinerary

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Sometimes things may not work out exactly the way that you planned. Flights can get delayed, unexpected weather may ensue, and some attractions may need to close for whatever reason. For each activity, plan a back-up so that you won’t be left scrambling for something to do last minute that may or may not be “worth it”.

What tips do you have for parents booking their first family vacation? Let me know in the comments below.

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