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Top 5 Pregnancy Myths Debunked

by | December 13, 2018

There’s a child growing inside you, and who knows? It could even be more than one, and between old wives tales and pregnancy myths,  it’s difficult to seperate fact from fiction. Without any doubt, you’re entitled to be very happy. But with pregnancy comes restrictions, sacrifice, changes in the body, and the constant worry to do right by your unborn. And as if those challenges aren’t enough, things get more complicated and confusing with the various unsolicited advice from family and friends, who actually mean well, but whose advice shouldn’t be taken as gospel truth. 

So just in case, you’re torn in between midwives’ tales and the ever-changing reports of scientific research, on reading these top 5 pregnancy misconceptions, you’ll be sure of what’s best for you and your child.

1. Eating For Two Pregnancy Myths

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It’s easy to believe this misconception because, with every passing day of your pregnancy, you’re entitled more efficient as you absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. Yet, you shouldn’t take people’s advice on doubling the usual amount of calories you used to take. Ideally, you should eat about 300 calories per day during the second trimester, and an additional 450 during the third. Remember, you’re eating for one and a little extra. Plus, it’s more important to prioritiz equality over quantity.

2. Exercise is Dangerous

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This definitely has to be one of the biggest pregnancy misconceptions. Aside from it being false, exercising has great benefits for a pregnant woman. By exercising, you can reduce your back pain and reduce your chances of developing preeclampsia; a medical condition typified by high blood pressure. What’s important is that you should get a go-ahead from your doctor on the routines you should do, and also know when to stop if you start to feel uncomfortable.


3. The Vegan Diet is Not Adequate For Fetus Development

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The biggest pregnancy myths of all. Being pregnant is challenging on its own, and it definitely gets more complicated when you are vegan, as you have to modify your diet to get more amount of proteins, calcium, and irons. Even though we need protein on a daily basis, the belief (fueled by the nutritional industry) that we need very high amounts of protein and that vegans can’t get enough protein without animal products diet is completely false. In truth, the best sources of protein are vegan foods. So enjoy foods such as tofu, soya milk, kale, spinach, beans etc. And for your folic acid, Vit B12 andIron needs, there’s are a plethora of vegan foods that contain these nutrients.

4. Excessive Weight Gain Doesn’t Matter

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This is one misconception that puts both you and your baby at risk. Ideally, you should gain about 30 pounds during pregnancy. And if you’re overweight already, it should be considerably lesser because being overweight during pregnancy puts the mother at risk of having high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. It may also increase your chances of delivering through C-section due to a big baby.

5. Ideal Pregnancy

pregnancy myths
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You need to forget what the veteran mothers said and come to the realization that every pregnancy is a unique one. From conception to the point of delivery, there shouldn’t be any has great should be bothered about meeting or falling short of. Your experience and the development of your child is in every way peculiar to you as a person. It’s just like resigning your faith to Caesarian section because you have a small pelvis. When for a fact, you could actually give birth without surgery

Do you know any more pregnancy myths? Let’s discuss in the comments. 

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