Ultimate Fighting Champion Says Going Vegan “Changed His Life”

by | February 17, 2020

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Anton Evans has shared how going vegan two years ago has “changed his life.”

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Evans — who has now retired and features in the UFC Hall of Fame — confirmed that he has been following an “all vegan diet.”

“Changed my life”

“I love it,” said Evans, “It really has changed my life man, it’s been one of the things I can say that’s just revolutionized my complete everything.”

“It’s been everything that has changed me from a mental standpoint, physical standpoint, and even a spiritual standpoint.”

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The Ultimate Fighting Champion says veganism changed his life (DronG/Shutterstock.com)

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Joe Rogan On Vegan Diets

Comedian, television host, and podcast presenter Joe Rogan is an outspoken carnivore and often speaks about how he hunts animals for meat.

Earlier this year, he ate a meat-only diet for 30 days. Speaking on the benefits of doing this, Rogan said he “lost 12 pounds and gained a lot of energy.”

“We’re omnivores”

Rogan has previously claimed it isn’t possible to be healthy on a vegan diet, and that most people who eat plant-based will return to eating meat.

“Folks, we’re omnivores,” he said, “We exist better, we are more healthy, on an animal and vegetable diet.” 

“And if you don’t want to kill animals, please, eat eggs, eat oysters, eat shrimp and lobsters, they’re…heartless, soulless little monsters that live at the bottom of the ocean.”

Do you think more athletes will go vegan this year as plant-based eating becomes more popular? Let us know in the comments below!


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