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Vancouver Vegans Hold Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner For Turkey

by | November 9, 2018

Gertie the turkey won’t be gobbled up this Thanksgiving, thanks to awesome Vancouver Vegans! 

Gertie, like most turkeys, was being raised in a barn stall for Thanksgiving dinner, when one night she had an accident that would change the course of her life.

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Vancouver Vegans

Gertie was brought to a sanctuary in Duncan, B.C. after suffering a brutal leg injury by the Vancouver Vegans. 

“She jumped up on a hayrack and fell but her leg got caught. So she hung there for the whole evening,” Said Singleton. “The leg died and had to be amputated by a veterinarian.”

Knowing that she wouldn’t stand a chance on the farm, she was offered up to the Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary that’s run by Michelle Singleton and her family on their Duncan farm.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Michelle’s husband Chris Singleton. “It all started with two cats and went from there.”

“I’ve never had a turkey before,” said Michelle.

“And who’s going to want to take on a one-legged turkey.”

Gertie’s leg is for the moment wrapped up in bandages for a support as funds are raised for her new prosthetic leg from Australia.  A company there makes mobility chairs for chickens with bad legs and low and behold they say they can make a leg for Gertie.

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“Gertie, currently has a friend, Henry, which is a Cornish cross chicken, with the same problem, bred for meat and grows so big they have mobility issues,” Singleton says.

She is currently purchasing a chair for Henry from Chicken Therapy Chairs in Australia, which will cost about $100 to $150.

The chairs were “designed to assist the recovery of rescued battery hens who had sustained injuries” according to the website.

But Gertie will need something a slightly different.

“They have told me that one for Gertie will be very expensive, $400 to $500,” Singleton says.

“Gertie has been seen by a fellow that is a certified orthotist and he is going to try and make a prosthetic for her.

“Her leg has only been healed for about three weeks, so she still needs time for the wound to heal in order to prevent pressure sores.

“For now we change the bandage weekly to ensure the leg is protected so it can heal properly.”


A dinner was held in Vancouver last month where part of the proceeds went to help buy Gertie a prosthetic leg, by the Vancouver vegans.

“A Very Vegan Thanksgiving” is a collaboration including The Juice Truck, Meet, and Blue Heron Creamery. The event sold out in two days.

So lucky Gertie the toughest turkey in town will be hobbling instead of being gobbled this Thanksgiving.


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