10 Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

by | May 4, 2018


Whether you are in your early 20’s, or a more mature adult, the last thing anyone wants to have are bags under your eyes. While they are not typically any cause for alarm, dark circles around your eyes can make you look and feel older, which is not something most people want. As you age, under eye puffiness, becomes more common, but how do you get rid of them? How do we even get them in the first place?

There are a few reasons why you get bags under your eyes, and generally, it is because the skin tissues have weakened and sagged, causing fluid to build up and create a dark, swollen appearance. Things like seasonal allergies, water retention, lack of sleep, increased stress and eczema can all contribute to getting bags under your eyes. Fortunately, there are ways you can get rid of the bags for good, without taking drastic measures.


10 Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

1. Take Care Of your Allergies

If you have allergies, you probably already know that when you have a flare-up, the bags tend to get worse. Trying to keep on top of your allergies, especially seasonal allergies such as hay fever, is a good way to help reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes.

2. Reduce Your Salt Intake

Salt is linked to high blood pressure, but it also causes the body to retain water, which can lead to puffiness around your eye area. Try to cut back on the amount of salt you eat, or if you are using salt, use Himalayan pink salt in small amounts. Avoid foods that are high in salt, such as processed foods, and instead, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables.


3. Remove Makeup Before Bed

Leaving makeup on while you sleep is bad for your skin and can cause acne and skin irritations. If you leave eye makeup on overnight it can irritate your eyes, which will cause them to water and get puffy. Gently remove makeup before bed to help eliminate any irritation to eyes and get rid of bags under your eyes.

4. Limit or Eliminate Alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates your body, which can lead to the delicate area around your eyes appearing darker and sunken. It can also cause the eyes to become bloodshot and more tired looking. Limiting or eliminating alcohol will make you feel fresher, your eyes will be more alert and the bags under your eyes will appear reduced since they will be more hydrated.


5. Use A Cold Compress

If you find your eyes are swollen and puffy, using a cold compress is a good way to combat it. Not only can it help reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, it can be relaxing too, which will add to a more youthful look. You can use a number of regular household items as a cold compress including, chilled spoons on top of the eyes, chilled cucumber slices and chilled, dampened teabags.

6. Stay Out Of The Sun

We don’t mean completely stay out of the sun, as you need the suns rays to get vitamin D. However keeping your eyes shaded from the sun by using a good pair of UV protected sunglasses, and a hat can work wonders for keeping your face and eyes protected from the sun. Overdoing sun exposure can make the skin around your eyes say and wrinkle, leading to bags under your eyes.

7. Keep Your Concealer Handy

Concealer is the holy grail of the makeup world. There are so many cruelty-free and vegan brands now that have great coverage also. Make sure not to use too much, and try to avoid rubbing into your skin too hard, as this can cause further irritation. Using too much concealer can have the opposite effect of getting rid of bags under your eyes, and the makeup will make dark circles and wrinkles appear more prominent.


8. Use A Good Eye Cream

Since dehydration causes the skin to age and can increase the appearance of dark circles and bags under your eyes, moisturizing is essential. The sooner you start with a good moisturizing routine, the longer you will see the benefits. Try to pick an eye cream with rosehip oil and aloe vera, as they help to lower inflammation and can rejuvenate the skin around your eyes.


9. Change Your Sleep Position

Sleeping on the side of your face can cause the skin around your eyes to be under tension when you sleep. Sleeping on your back can help to prevent the fluid to build up around your eyes, and also prevents your skin from being moved when you sleep.

10. Exercise Away Those Bags!

Facial exercises are a great way to keep your skin around your eyes looking youthful. There is also a type of yoga specifically for your face muscles, that involves slow exercises to help tone and tighten them.



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