5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Vegan Toddler Busy

by | January 30, 2018

Tips to Help Keep Your Toddler Busy: Keeping them Learning & Happy 

After working with my toddler through the tantrums and sleep regression, I’ve found a few tricks that work wonders to keep a toddler busy! Sometimes you need a moment to just collect yourself or get some “adulting” done. Check out these little activities that can make a big difference.

Washing Fruit/Veg

This activity combines two of toddler favorites: responsibility and water. Put your little one to “work” washing a few pieces of fruit or veggies and you’ll probably get dinner completely cooked before he gets bored. Just be aware that you may have to sacrifice a little produce in the process. My two year old “washed” strawberries for about 45 minutes and when he was done there was nothing left. Also note, to save water you can use a bowl of water instead of the faucet.Washing Fruit/Veg

Getting Outdoors

But getting outside is good for the body and the mind for both mom and her toddler. Exercise, of course, will tire out a toddlers quickly making nap time go more smoothly, but even the stimulus of being out in a stroller will do the same. So, walk to the store or even just around the neighborhood. Or keep your toddler busy by going to the park or a playground. If you have a house, take the fun out into your own yard. Set up a water table or turn on the sprinkler. Blow bubbles or draw with chalk. Play ball or simply explore the wonders of nature in your own backyard.Getting Outside

Mixing Ingredients

This is another “I wanna be like mommy or daddy” activity that’s a great for when you want to get dinner done. Just add a little bit of various baking ingredients (brown rice flour, coconut sugar, water, olive oil) to a large bowl. Then hand it over along with a wooden spoon and ask you toddler to stir it up. You’ll have to pause occasionally to add a few more ingredients but it’s a great way to keep the kids in the kitchen with you while keeping them out of the way.raised vegan magazine

Creativity Time

Keep a basket of crayons and scrap paper handy and encourage your child to draw pictures. However, toddlers do tend to get bored with drawing quickly because developmentally their fine motor skills aren’t quite up for it. A little bit every day will build their interest and ability. And by age 3, your child may love it. Paint is another story, though. Toddlers love paint. Set up an art space, so you don’t have to worry about the mess and try out these ways for a toddler to paint. Another fabulous way to help keep a toddler busy is Raised Vegan Mini Mag! With awesome activity ideas and coloring pages designed specifically for vegan kids.

Montessori Inspired Water Pouring

I saved the best for last. I know you’re probably thinking, “pouring water into bowls is the best you’ve got?”. But trust me, this one is super fascinating for toddlers. Cover a baking sheet with hand towel for the spills. Then choose 3 or 4 small bowls and fill them with various amounts of water. Set your toddler up with the tray at a table and show her how to pour the water from bowl to bowl. Once she gets the hang of it, she’ll pour on her own for unheard of amounts of time. You can even reignite interest by adding food coloring to the water and turning it into a color blending activity.

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