Makeup Line Launches For Trans Women & It’s Vegan!

by | November 30, 2017

Mom’s Rejoice With New Make-up Line Designed For Them In Mind!

As moms, we all know the struggles of finding a decent makeup that we can put on and not worry about. Thanks to JECCA Makeup, transgender moms won’t have to worry about finding a makeup that addresses their needs, such as scarring and beard shadows. All in thanks to Jessica Blacker, a 21 year old from Cardiff, Wales. Who spent the last year designing and developing the line herself.

“Everyone who wants to wear makeup should be able to openly buy and apply it without fear of judgement or recrimination,” Blackler told media outlet Curve. 

Starting today, the make-up will be available for pre-order on her website. The line which includes a beautiful range of concealers and correction palettes will offer flawless finishes, and will be an welcomed addition to the moms who are often overlooked in the beauty industry.

Ashlee Ryan-Rose, one of Blacker’s beauty clients who uses the make-up line, knows this is a crucial need need in the industry. “When I started my transition, I found buying makeup extremely difficult because of the confusion I was met with from sales reps,” Ryan-Rose said. “Jessica is giving trans and gender nonconforming people the ability to shop without judgement and receive products that have their interests, wants, and needs at heart.”

When first creating the JECCA line, Jessica worked and volunteer at a number of charities. Including Stonewall, Manchester-based transgender charity Sparkle, Umbrella Cymru, and Race Equality First  to help better understand the needs of the LGBTQ+ community, and our community of moms thank you Jessica!

JECCA Makeup is joining a line of other companies who are moving towards a more vegan lifestyle, including LUSH beauty, who will be fully vegan, and TGI Friday’s who recognized a growing need to cater to their vegan customers.

To pre-order your JECCA make-up, head on over to their website!


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