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Vegan Actor Emmett Scanlan Teams UP With PETA, Urges People To Go Vegan

by | January 23, 2019

Actor Emmett Scanlan teamed up with PETA, in the latest video, urging people to remember we too are animals and must treat other animals with respect. In the advocacy video, the vegan actor shares his views on speciesism and veganism, encouraging everyone to exhibit more empathy toward animals.

Vegan Actor Emmett Scanlan Teams UP With PETA  , Urges People To Go Vegan
Credits: Ga Fullner/ Shutterstock


Vegan Actor Emmett Scanlan Teams UP With PETA, Urges People To Go Vegan

The Irish actor, best known for his role in Hollyoaks as Brendan Brady, teamed up with PETA’s UK division to come up with an advocacy video reminding people that we all are animals. (You can watch the entire video here)

The video opens with Emmett Scanlan talking about how, in the past, he had justified it to himself that the “organic” meat he was eating came from “humane” slaughter… whatever the f*ck that means. He further says that he had continued on the path but his wife stopped eating meat before him. Things changed when one evening he came home to find his wife crying in the bedroom, with her laptop open and a video by an animal activist streaming. Through her sobs, she said, “I don’t understand why the world is so mean.”

Emmett Scanlan sat watching the said 34-minute long video and turned to his wife to say, “baby I am with you.” The Irish actor gets emotional talking about the life changing moment and thanks social media for forcing everyone out of the slumber. He adds, “There’s nowhere to f***ing hide now.  You have to see it. You have to educate yourself.  And I think if you raise awareness, then you allow, inside of yourself, to blossom understanding and compassion, which is what I think is the true essence of what human beings are.”

Scanlan urges people to embrace veganism and exhibit empathy toward animals. He believes that by eating animals we incur bad karma; instead by going meat-free we not only escape that but also help the environment as a result.

The video closes with teary eyed Scanlan saying, “If one person who watches this video and this campaign, and questions what we have been doing, then for me that’s fantastic.”

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