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Vegan Actor James Cromwell Arrested For Protesting Medical Tests On Dogs

by | November 15, 2019

James Cromwell, the actor who famously went vegan after starring in the movie Babe, was arrested at an animal welfare protest in Texas last month.

The event was organised by outspoken animal rights group PETA and took place at Texas A&M University.

Cromwell and the other protestors were bringing attention to the use of dogs in muscular dystrophy research at the university, and asking the administration to bring an end to these experiments. 

“Texas A&M continues to torment golden retrievers and other dogs” said Cromwell, “even though decades of these experiments have not led to a cure for humans with muscular dystrophy. It’s time to let the dogs out.”

The university has defended its use of animals in seeking a cure for the rare muscle condition.

“Human clinical trials in DMD patients, based in part on studies in dogs, currently are underway” the University said in response to the protest.

“Dogs (are) a good comparison when researching better health for people.”

vegan actor james cromwell
The actor went vegan after starring in a film about a young pig (Source: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

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Twitter Responds To James Cromwell

Cromwell tweeted a PETA article about his arrest to his 16k followers, prompting a flood of messages to praise his actions.

“Major RESPECT to James Cromwell for standing up against the cruel and needless use of innocent dogs in laboratory experiments” tweeted one user.

“This man is a national treasure. I hope he outlives us all” wrote another.

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