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Vegan Adventures at The French Christmas Market

by | December 9, 2018

Are you one of the lucky ones that will embark on a trip to France this December? You’re in for a treat, with the La REcyclerie’s annual vegan French Christmas market in Paris. With cruelty-free versions of traditional Christmas dishes, it’s definitely a haven for vegans. Happening only once a year, it’s a must on the sight-seeing calendar, yet, if you do miss it, have no fear- as a seasonedChristmas-market hopper, I’ll guide you how to eat your way through any French holiday market while staying true to your ethics.

Vin Chaud

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Wine and warm drinks are two of my personal favorite things so when I first discovered that I could enjoy both at the same time, I was extremely impressed. Vin chaud is hot red wine steeped with orange, cinnamon, and other aromatic spices. One special thing to note is that each vin chaud you try will be vastly different from region to region, making for a new experience each time. For instance, the Christmas market in Limoges, where I currently live in serves vin chaud that is aged in oak-barrels, paying homage to the traditional process. . It’s important to note,  that not all the red wines are vegan because of animal products being used while “fining” the wine. I’ve had the best luck scoring vegan-friendly options by ordering the bio option. When in doubt, just ask. Santé!

Marrons Chauds

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Marrons chauds, which you may know as roasted chestnuts; are not only a delicious snack that’s easily shareable with your family, but they are also naturally vegan because of their single ingredient. Most markets usually have multiple roasted chestnut stands, where you can indulge in a generous helping of this holiday treat. Typically served in brown paper bags which are easy to stow away in your coat pocket for later while you enjoy a family patinage (ice-skating) session.

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If you happen to be in La Côte d’Azur, it would be a mistake to not indulge in Nice’s specialty Socca bread, and a common scene at the French Christmas market. It is similar to naan in taste and texture but what makes this treat special is the fact that it uses chickpea flour which would make it gluten free as well. Thinking of trying one? Buy two! It’s so delicious that you’ll keep coming back for more.


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One of my favorite desserts of all time, churros, have become a popular treat throughout not only Europe but North America also The churro originates from Spain and it is “accidentally” vegan. Most Christmas stands actually follow the traditional recipe, which does not call for butter like its modern-day cousin. Churro stands will reserve the fryer exclusively for these sweet treats so the chance of cross-contamination is minimal. Unfortunately, the optional chocolate that vendors offer with the churros is may not be vegan as it is typically milk chocolate. Although it sounds questionable, I have found a solution to this. Dip your churro in your vin chaud. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

What other vegan treats have you been able to snag at a French Christmas market? Let me know in the comments below.

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