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Vegan Athlete Lewis Hamilton Urges Fans To Boycott “Horrible” Dolphin Shows

by | October 11, 2019

Formula One racer and vegan advocate Lewis Hamilton is encouraging his fans not to support the “horrible things” that are being done to dolphins in the name of entertainment.

Hamilton took to Instagram to first share a video of dolphins at a marine park, and then followed this with another showing wild dolphins being violently captured.

“Please don’t go and support these shows around the world, don’t buy tickets to show your kids,” he wrote on the first post.

“Instead educate them of these horrible things that are happened to the dolphins, whales and other sea life. These beautiful creatures shouldn’t suffer.”

Hamilton, who is currently visiting Japan, reposted these videos from the Dolphin Project to raise awareness of how captive animals are used for entertainment.

Vegan Athlete Lewis Hamilton Signing
The F1 racer signing autographs (Source: Abdul Razak Latif/Shutterstock.com)

Lewis Hamilton & Vegan Advocacy

Since going vegan in 2017, Hamilton has used his public platform to speak out for animal welfare. 

Just last month, he spoke out against the “barbaric” reality of the leather industry and has also recently joined forces with Beyond Meat to open a chain of plant-based burger restaurants.

The Dolphin Project

The Dolphin Project is a non-profit organisation that works to promote the “welfare and protection of dolphins worldwide” and to end the “exploitation and slaughter” of these intelligent animals.

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2 Responses to “Vegan Athlete Lewis Hamilton Urges Fans To Boycott “Horrible” Dolphin Shows”

  1. Anne Pirttilahti
    October 14th, 2019 @ 3:03 am

    Since I start many years ago follow Dolphin Project in Taiji, I am every time so happy when a new very famous person start also speak out the truth of dolphin business and stand by the dolphins. Lewis Hamilton has been always one of my favorite formula driver (though as I am Finnish, we have many good drivers in Finland too). Also Lewis Hamilton´s vegan life agenda please me so much! I believe the young people change the world for save our beautiful planet.

  2. Jeannie Rennie
    October 16th, 2019 @ 6:25 am

    Completely support Lewis Hamilton in trying to stop exploitation of dolphins, whales etc.,

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