Vegan Baby Led Weaning Ideas

by | January 18, 2018

Baby Led Weaning Ideas for Vegans

Baby Led Weaning Ideas







When my son was introduced to solids, the internet provided many baby led weaning ideas but they definitely were not all vegan which was tough to try to sort through all the information. The pressure as a parent to make the right choices for our babies is beyond anything I’ve experienced even as a working mom- the pressure in my NYC office doesn’t compare to the pressures I’ve felt as a vegan parent.

Check out my list of vegan baby led weaning ideas, tested out by vegan baby Benji!


Bananas are a perfect start for a vegan baby led weaning experience! They are sweet like breast milk, making it familiar but with an amazing new texture for your baby to explore.


Cucumbers were a fun one, out of all the baby led weaning ideas I went through this was my favorite. We took baby cukes and cut them the long way- into wedges instead of slices. Benji loves the feel of them on his gums and with the added benefit of hydration and vitamins this was a great addition to his daily taste testing.


Avocado was a big hit (at first)! It was another great texture to explore, with awesome healthy fats and nutrition, I was hoping it would be a long term hit! After his first few avo snacks, we ended up enjoying the sweeter fruits, and avo was tossed to the floor. But this healthy addition is perfect for BLW!

Steamed Broccoli

Especially for the older weaning child, broccoli is so much fun because they have the exciting “tree” shape! Since broccoli has built in handles, all you need to do is steam it and let baby get a new taste and texture!

Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potatoes are so full of nutrients and have a pleasant sweet taste. This is a great way to let baby explore the texture of potatoes, and the added sweetness keeps their palate satisfied! Cut into little hand friendly wedges and roast in the oven for a delicious meal that you will be sharing off the high chair tray.

Let Baby Lead!

Baby Led Weaning is such a fun way to explore new foods, and it puts the worry of, “Is my baby ready for this?” At bay. Your baby is able to communicate when he’s ready for new food instead of being spoon fed purée.

Vegan Baby Led Weaning Ideas


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