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Vegan Billie Eilish Speaks Out Against Body-Shaming

by | June 19, 2020

Vegan musician Billie Eilish has hit back at style critics and spoken out against body-shaming in a recent interview with GQ Magazine.

Earlier this year, the “bad guy” singer faced criticism from fans for wearing a bikini on Instagram, as she was accused of sexualising her look.

“Here’s a bomb for you,” Eilish said to kick off the GQ interview, “I have never felt desired.”

“Trapped By This Persona”

“My past boyfriends never made me feel desired, none of them…And it’s a big thing in my life that I feel I have never been physically desired by somebody,” she added.

“Sometimes I dress like a boy. Sometimes I dress like a swaggy girl…And sometimes I feel trapped by this persona that I have created, because sometimes I think people view me not as a woman.”

Billie Eilish Vegan
Billie Eilish has faced criticism online for her clothing choices (DFree/Shutterstock.com)

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Billie Eilish

Eilish is well-known for her baggy clothes — a style choice that she has previously attributed to being unhappy with her body.

Later on in the GQ interview, the vegan musician went on to explain how she feels about bodily autonomy.

“My Body Is Mine”

“Look, there is a body underneath these clothes and you don’t get to see it,” she said.

“But my body is mine and yours is yours. Our own bodies are kind of the only real things which are truly ours…I get to see it and get to show it when I want to.”

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