5 Tips for Making a Vegan Birth Plan

by | May 30, 2018

Vegan Pregnancy and Birth Plan

When planning for the arrival of a new baby, parents can easily get caught up in the chaos of the “do’s and do not’s” of childbirth. It’s easy to overlook simple, yet important details such as your dietary restrictions during such a life-changing event. In order to avoid compromising your lifestyle choices during this joyous occasion, follow my five tips for planning a vegan pregnancy and birth plan!


1) Align Your Birth Plan With Your Philosophies.

We support animal’s rights to a happy life, including their own childbirth experiences. You deserve your own birth experience to be a calm, happy, and support-filled one. Make sure to choose a birthing facility that you feel comfortable in. Feel more comfortable at home than anywhere else? So be it! Does a hospital make you feel much safer than your home? Fantastic. Each person has a different set of tools that will help them through their birth, and their choices should be supported and celebrated. After spending the best part of a year with your vegan pregnancy, you want the last homestretch to be as comfortable and safe as possible.

2) Will The Accommodate Plant-Based Diets? 

After all of the hard work of vegan pregnancy and birth, the parent or parents are going to be hungry! If you’re going to utilize a birthing facility, make sure that they have vegan food options available for clients. Don’t feel bad for getting details! Requesting a menu is more than appropriate, especially if the birthing parent has a specific celebratory meal in mind.

3) Have A Backup Plan For Food.

Some great guiding words for parents new and seasoned are, “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” and that definitely applies to food. Pack easy food items like granola bars, dried fruits, nuts, and veggies, sandwiches, and sports beverages in your “go bag” for the birthing facility. If the meals provided aren’t enough or don’t end up being plant-based, nobody will have to go into emergency hunger mode during the birthing process if you’ve made this backup plan.


4) Birth Plan 

If you have specific wishes or requests for the birthing facility staff, write them down on a small flyer to have on hand when you go into labor. This could be as simple as “This birthing parent is plant-based. Please do not use or give out animal products in this room during the birth”, or as complex as a full birth plan in addition to the dietary information. Make sure they are simple, yet eye-catching. Your doula, partner, or birthing support partner can distribute these.

5) Organize a Meal Train & Snack Drop-offs With Ease!

Assign certain meals (with recipes if you want to get really detailed) to each person who signed up for the meal train. Another option would be to send a “grand list” of meal ideas for them to choose from. Make a list of foods that are definitely not on the safe list to send to them also.
With a little more care and organization, vegan parents can make sure their birthing experience is a lot less stressful! 
Enjoy those beautiful new baby snuggles new parents!



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