Vegan Calcium Sources

by | January 17, 2018

Vegan friendly sources of calcium.

People generally think that you can only get calcium from dairy, and that if you don’t eat dairy your bones and teeth will be weaker. This isn’t true. You can get all of your calcium needs from plant based sources.

Calcium is needed for healthy bones and teeth, but it’s also essential for your nervous system, blood clotting and controlling your muscles. Here’s some vegan sources of calcium:

Hemp Milk (Just 1 cup of hemp milk contains 460mg of calcium)

Not only is hemp milk a good source of calcium, most hemp milks are also fortified with vitamins B12 and D. Hemp seeds are also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 wich are good for your heart and brain too.

Blackstrap Molasses (1 tbsp contains 400mg of calcium)

Not only is blackstrap molasses high in calcium, it’s also a great source of iron. It also contains manganese, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and niacin.

Collard Greens (1 cup contains 350mg calcium)

Collard greens are vegetables cabbage, broccoli and kale. They are excellent sources of calcium, potassium and vitamins C and K. While most people think of milk as being their main source of calcium, collard greens can make up a significant part of your daily calcium intake.

Amaranth (1 cup soaked and cooked contains 275mg calcium)

Amaranth is a grain which contains high levels of calcium, protein and magnesium. Amaranth contains phytic acid, however if you soak and cook the grain, it will reduce the acid levels and help you to absorb the calcium.

Kale (1 cup contains 180mg calcium)

1 cup of cooked kale contains nearly 10% of the recommended daily amounts of calcium for an adult. Kale is also an excellent source of vitamin K which is also necessary for proper blood clotting.

Soybeans (1 cup contains 175mg calcium)

Fortified soy milk can contain more calcium as cows milk, plus it’s a great source of vitamin D and protein too. You can get soy in so many different forms you don’t need to stick to just milk. There is tofu, soybean oil and soy sauce also.

Tahini (2 Tbsp contains 130mg calcium)

Tahini is ground sesame seeds, similar to peanut butter. Tahini is a reasonably good source of calcium but it should not be your only source as it also contains a lot of fat.

Figs (1/2 cup contains 120mg calcium)

Dried figs are packed full of antioxidants and calcium, plus they make a perfect sweet treat. You can have them as a treat for your mid-day snack or you can even make a jam from them. They are so versatile and a great source of calcium.


If you feel like you need extra assistance getting the calcium you need and could use meal ideas, Ask A Plant Based Dietitian is a Facebook group that gives it’s members 24/7 access to registered dietitians and affordable meal planning options.

Vegan Calcium Sources



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