What’s The Deal With ‘What The Health’?

by | January 12, 2018

What is ‘What The Health’?

What The Health. The documentary that took the world by storm. But why are people so obsessed with it? What did it tell us that we didn’t already know, or think we knew? The answer is quite a lot, actually. People all over the world were shocked when they saw the documentary for the first time. This documentary and others have been responsible for the rise in veganism over the last few years. The documentary was heavily criticized by doctors, dietitians, and journalists for having what they believed to be conflicting evidence.

The film follows writers/directors/producers, Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn, as they interview physicians and other individuals regarding health and diet. Through their interviews, they try to examine the correlation between the meat and dairy industries and the health industry. It was created as a follow up to the groundbreaking documentary ‘Cowspiracy‘ from the same directors and producers. The film aims to expose the corruption in the government, big pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses that are costing the nation trillions of dollars in health care costs, but still keeping us sick.

Throughout the film, Kip investigates why America’s leading nonprofit health organizations are staying silent, despite the growing number of chronic disease cases across the nation. Heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in America, and diabetes is at an all-time high. What The Health seeks to educate people on the truth about where their food comes from, and what it’s actually doing to our bodies.

Audiences were shocked with the information that was shown in the documentary, such as eggs are as much of a carcinogen as cigarettes. This statistic has been heavily debated by healthcare practitioners all over the world, claiming that the sources can’t be trusted. Another topic that was raised in the documentary is how harmful fish is to our bodies. Our oceans are full of plastics, antibiotics, general waste and other chemicals. Fish live in these environments so it makes sense that they are absorbing all of these harmful substances, but people seem in denial about the real risk this can cause to our health. Studies done on the levels of microplastics (less than 10 millimeters long) found in fish caused by pollution in the ocean have shown shocking results. More than 8 million tons of plastics are discarded into the ocean each year. The fish are mistaking it for food and eating it, which in turn leads to humans also consuming dangerous levels of plastics.

Healthcare practitioners were quick to slam the documentary. They claim the documentary is using scaremongering tactics to try making people move to a plant-based diet, and that their facts don’t align with scientific research. They have stated the evidence in the film can’t be trusted as it is backed by solely pro-vegan organizations, Nutritionfacts.org and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

But why would groups of healthcare professionals put their reputation on the line for something they felt wasn’t backed up by enough scientific research? The link between the consumption of animal products and health problems has come more into the public eye over recent times, and the amount of evidence from trusted scientific institutions is growing daily. We all need to sit down and really look at the way our diets affect our health. Granted no diet can be completely 100% healthy if you do it wrong, and it’s all about having a balance of the right nutrients. Documentaries like What The Health is helping people around the world open their eyes and think about what they are putting into their bodies.

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