The medical community has once again proven their bias, and odd love of the dairy industry. For refusing point blank to acknowledge that calcium can be found in a whole source of food sources. Apparently, vegan children suffer from stunted growth.

In a new study, that pediatric allergist and immunologist Dr Karen Robbins, from the Children’s National Health System in Washington DC, said: ‘The relationship between food allergies and childhood growth patterns is complex, and we have an incomplete understanding about the influence food allergies have on children’s growth. ‘Our study begins to fill this research gap but further study is needed, especially as children enter their teens, to gauge whether these growth deficits are transitory or lasting.’

The vegan children, all school age, appear to weigh less than their peers. No word if they are a healthy weight, and not part of the growing epidemic of childhood obesity, of which most parents would like to avoid, just ‘less’, than their peers who do drink cows milk. It goes further to say their findings include children are not provided the right nutrients if they exclude dairy products, and it wholly prevents growth spurts and have signs of stunted growth. Leaving what we imagine a growing in population, albeit a shortened version of allergy and vegan children around the world.

She added: ‘We learned from our previous research that there is a continuum of risk for deficits in height and weight among children with food allergies, and kids who are allergic to cow’s milk are at heightened risk. ‘They never have had cow’s milk in their diet. Looking at food labeling, many items ‘may contain milk,’ which severely narrows what could be a wide variety of food items for growing children.’

The study is based on 191 children, who had at least one clinic visit from the time they were aged two to four, five to eight and nine to 12 years. It did not account for any other influences, such as diet, lifestyle or genetics, or if some of the children had more than just one visit. Just simply if these 191 children drank milk from a cow.

Future research will explore whether older children with cow’s milk allergies bridge the height gap during their teen years or if growth differences persist. We assume no other factors will be considered then either.


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