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Vegan Dr.Martens Two Years and 9 Countries Later, Why You Need a Pair

by | December 17, 2018

Have you purchased vegan Dr. Martens? In December 2016, I decided to buy my first ever pair of Dr. Martens after wanting a pair for my entire life. The reason why I never acted upon my desire was that I hadn’t yet known that there were vegan options available. These past two years, I’ve been to the airport upwards of fifty times. I’ve been in two different continents and nine different countries. I’ve visited everywhere from Greece to Spain to London in my 1460s. Two years of walking in the winter rain and summer beaches later, they feel and look just as great as they did the day they were officially “broken in”.  This is why you need them in your life:

They Last for a Really Long Time

    Vegan Dr. Martens are what I call, an investment shoe. Although, the company, unfortunately, stopped their lifetime guarantee campaign, with proper care (A.K.A., not leaving them soaking wet for days at a time) they can last for many years. I haven’t been the kindest to these shoes in my travels, but they have yet to fail me.

Vegan Dr. Martens 

vegan dr martens
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The Company has Strong Ethics

   On their website, you can read about their work in terms of “social responsibility” which encompasses their stances on ethical, environmental and charitable responsibility as a company. They heavily promote against what they call “modern slavery”, which refers to different degrees of forced labor that many companies unfortunately utilize today.

They Hold-Up Just as Good as the Originals

   My friends and I often compare the state of our boots, it sometimes feels like a competition to see who’s look the most worn in. After comparing the two-year progression of vegan versus non-vegan Dr.Martens, I have yet to see any drastic differences in the state of the shoe. My vegan insoles have held up fantastically as well, leaving me with the comfort that I desire in a shoe.

Do you have a pair of vegan Dr. Martens? Let me know in the comments below.

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