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Vegan Egg Brand JUST Launches First National Ad Campaign

by | August 7, 2020

Vegan egg brand JUST is hitting televisions across the US with its first ever national ad campaign.

The plant-based company is aiming to target flexitarian consumers with the new campaign, which will also be shown on social media, and YouTube.

The campaign features a series of adverts titled, “Plant-Based Hits…,” and demonstrates how the liquid egg alternative from JUST can be used to make a variety of meals.

“Eat More Plant-Based Food”

“We rolled out with HyVee and a couple of other Midwest retailers first, and it really took off,” said Tom Rossmeissl, Head of Global Marketing at JUST, on the success of the brand.

“By September we’ll be in about 17,000 retail points of distribution.”

Speaking on the target market for the campaign, Rossmeissl said, “These are people who still eat some animal protein but are actively working to eat more plant-based food.”

vegan egg substitute
The vegan egg alternative has sold the equivalent of 50 million chicken eggs (Photo: Tada Images/Shutterstock.com)

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JUST Vegan Egg

The plant-based brand recently announced it has sold the equivalent of 50 million eggs.

“Consumer food choices are shifting faster than most people realize and that pace has only hastened in recent months,” said Andrew Noyes, Head of Global Communications at JUST.

“We’re Just Getting Started”

“We’re humbled that so many people are bringing our products home to feed their families and it’s incredible that in just over a year, an egg made from plants is selling better in stores around the country than many egg products made by chickens.”

“Even though eggs are the least developed category in the plant-based space, it has the most growth potential, and we’re just getting started.”

The vegan egg product from JUST is currently available across the US, and is set to launch in Canada later this year.

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