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Vegan Evicted From Home After Bathing With Rescue Piglet

by | November 7, 2019

Animal lover Alicia Day has been evicted from her West London home after sharing photos online of herself bathing with her pig, Jixy Pixy.

Day, who paid £30 to rescue the pig from slaughter, was living in her two bedroom flat with him until her landlord found out.

She believes that the photos of herself she shared to social media may have been the reason for her landlords discovery.

‘I can’t save them all but I thought I would save one. Anything for my baby” said the 31-year-old vegan of why she took the pig home.

The compassionate vegan has received criticism for keeping the animal in a small indoor space, as well as for taking him on the Tube and walking around London. Experts have pointed out that pigs should not be kept indoors as they need to be able to explore natural environments.

pig rescued by vegan
Pigs need space to wallow in mud and shelter from the sun (Source: AndriiBersPhoto / Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Activism

That said, it appear’s Day’s intentions were good. “I got the idea that maybe this will highlight that pigs are not just food” she explained.

“Some people told me point blank they are becoming a vegetarian after meeting my pig.”

Following her eviction, she handed Jixy Pixy over to the RSPCA, who relocated him to a sanctuary in Kent. Day is now living alone in a hotel until she finds a new home. 

She claims that she may now become an animal rights activist, having adopted a vegan diet earlier this year.

Do you think the animal lover has been treated unfairly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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One Response to “Vegan Evicted From Home After Bathing With Rescue Piglet”

  1. Melissa Klatsia
    November 7th, 2019 @ 7:57 pm

    How can people claim the pigs complex needs were not being met when the alternative was a cage not large enough for them to move in and having it’s babies removed from birth and then ending in the slaughterhouse!? It does not qualify as a rescue however as she merely funded the breeders to continue their practice of forced insemination and sale.

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