Vegan Fried Chicken Recipes

by | January 8, 2018

It’s happening! The World Is Going Vegan! 

When we all and even now sometimes after being vegan so long, we can’t even be in the same room as a cooked egg. Just want something that is familiar, but without the cruelty. Vegan fried chicken is your next biggest trend. With its amazing taste, and realistic appeal. These recipes will blow your hair back! Especially when the biggest phrase you’re going to hear in 2018, is ‘Why Is There Milk In That?!’ 


vegan fried chicken recipe

Vegan Popeye’s Fried Chicken

The EdgyVeg is one of our favorites when it comes to out of this world recipes, especially the realistic appeal they have. As on their website, “There is no reason to head out for fried chicken, when you can make this amazing recipe at home without harming any animals!! You’ll love this vegan copycat Popeye’s chicken recipe, I am sure of it”

Get The Recipe Here –> Show Me The Fried Chicken! 


vegan fried chicken recipe

Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe with Seitan

The Spruce is always a staple when it comes to finding a good recipe for everything vegan.  “Vegan fried “chicken” made with seitan. This fried seitan “chicken” dish is deep fried, so it isn’t particularly healthy, though it is cholesterol-free and it sure is mighty tasty! Deep fried seitan and a blend of spices create a dish that’s really quite similar in appearance and taste to fried chicken. If you like southern fried chicken, try vegan southern fried seitan made with all the same ingredients including a spicy batter and a coat of flour to make it just the perfect amount of crispiness. Make sure you have some ketchup or mustard or something to serve alongside to dip your vegan fried chicken in”

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Hell Yeah, It’s Vegan! 

vegan fried chicken recipe

Look at that! It’s a work of art. I’m not sure if i want to eat it, or take a picture and frame it on my wall.  Maybe both? Hell Yeah, It’s Vegan, has the low down on the vegan chicken and this is one you absolutely do want to recreate.  We had to make two batches of this because it went so quickly. You’ll want to run right over there and grab this recipe right now!

Get The Recipe –> Give It To Me, I’m Ready! 






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