Why Is There Milk In That?!

by | December 22, 2017

Happily pouring my new breakfast cereal into a bowl, I decided to read through the ingredients list again. I had thought I’d read the whole list in the shop as I was trying to find a cereal with clusters that didn’t contain honey but this time I noticed something that I hadn’t the first time. Milk powder.

My heart sank. Why is there milk powder in my cereal?! What is it in there for? I’ve since bought other cluster cereals from the same range that do not contain milk powder so I don’t understand why this particular recipe called for it.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, although I usually spot ingredients like this before purchasing a product.

Recently I added a carob treat to the pile of items being scanned for me in my local health food shop. The cashier, knowing that I’m vegan, informed me that the carob contains milk solids for some reason. Why would a substitute for milk chocolate contain milk? I just don’t understand the reasoning behind the development of these products. Surely it is within a companies best interests to omit or replace certain ingredients these days, with a growing number of consumers choosing a cruelty free lifestyle and many others suffering from allergies or sensitivities.

Surely there is a plethora of other ingredients that could serve as a substitute for milk in these products. Other companies are producing similar cereals, chocolates, etc without using animal derivatives, so why can’t all companies do the same?

They can. With consumer pressure, they will.

I have written to the manufacturers of the cluster cereal and the carob treat. I do with all products that I would purchase if not for the animal derived ingredients included in their production so they can see that their target market is changing.

They need to be shown that there is substantial demand for change before they will commit to it. The more consumers speak out and inform the producers of our food (and other products)  that we will only spend our money on products free of animal derived ingredients, the faster the market will change for the better.

So when you come across an item that you would like to purchase but find yourself asking ‘Why is there milk in that?!’, be sure to ask the company who made it and maybe one day soon, there won’t be!



Kate Timmins I’m a first time mama living in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia. When I’m not at home enjoying the company of my partner, our gorgeous baby boy, and our five rescue cats I love to spend my time walking along our local beaches and trying new foods from the growing number of vegan eateries in our city. I’m proud to be a foster carer for my local animal rescue; I believe that saving one animal may not change the world, but it will change the world for that animal! Follow me on Instagram for Cats, baby, beaches, and tasty vegan food.


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