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Vegan Meat Sales Grow By 23% When Stocked In The Animal Meat Aisle

by | July 10, 2020

A new study has revealed that vegan meat sells 23 percent better when it is stocked alongside meat products.

The study — which was conducted by retail giant Kroger in collaboration with the Plant Based Food Association (PBFA) — took place over three months at 60 stores.

During the study, many customers shared that they would assume vegan meat would be stocked in the meat aisle, and that doing so makes it easier to find.

“From Niche To Mainstream”

“This test provides one more proof point that plant-based meats have moved from niche to mainstream,” said Sean Brislin, merchandising director at Kroger.

“Kroger continues to experience double-digit growth in the plant-based category, and this test demonstrates the viability of shifting product placements to reach even more customers.”

“We thank the Plant Based Foods Association for partnering with us on this insightful merchandising research project.”

beyond beef vegan meat
Vegan meat is becoming a more mainstream food choice (Beyond Meat/Provided)

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Vegan Meat Sales

The PBFA recently shared that vegan food sales increased by 90 percent in the US during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting how consumer behavior is shifting.

The new Kroger study further demonstrates how plant-based foods are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

“Tremendous Opportunity”

“This research proves that it is important for retailers to place plant-based meat where shoppers expect to find it: in the meat department,” said Julie Emmett, senior director of retail partnerships at PBFA.

“The increase in sales…demonstrates there is tremendous opportunity for plant-based meats to succeed everywhere.”

“Other retailers are sure to make this change with this new data in hand.”

Do you think the study is an exciting sign of changing attitudes to vegan food? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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