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Vegan nail polish? It exists! Know More About It Here

by | February 12, 2019

Nail polish is a very nostalgic item for many. For me, it makes me remember when I was five and would paint all my dolls to have rainbow nails to match mine. Whether you have a special event you’re going to or you just want to spruce yourself up a bit, nail polish is a subtle way to amp up your look. Here is what you need to know about vegan nail polish.

Vegan nail polish? It exists!
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Vegan nail polish? It exists!

As you may already know, being vegan goes beyond food products. When choosing beauty and personal care products, vegan and cruelty-free options can easily be found either in your local Target or online. If a product is certified cruelty-free, there should be a bunny on the packing (signaling that it’s Leaping Bunny approved) Nail polish is no exception to that! Brands on the market such as Pacifica (my personal favorite), Wet n’ Wild, Seven London, and many more are here to take charge of the beauty community with their guilt-free goodies.

It’s at this point where you may be asking yourself “Why aren’t all nail polishes vegan?” Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who still test their products on animals whether it be nail polish, foundation, or face cream. Many are companies who sell their products in China, where cosmetic animal testing is required before the product may be sold. Some of these nail polish brands you may be unknowingly using- OPI, Essie (parent company L’Oreal), and Sally Hansen. In addition to animal testing, many nail polishes on the market use ingredients in the polish derived from animals, making them unsuitable for vegans.

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As an active member of the beauty community, I’m happy to say that there are so many more vegan nail polish brands out there than there were even five or ten years ago. However, I’m still appalled at the fact that there are even more polishes and other products on the market using an alarming amount of carcinogens and animal-testing within their brand. By supporting the cruelty-free brands that you care about, together we can, at last, eliminate the need for products tested on animals.

What is your favorite brand of vegan nail polish? Let me know in the comments below.

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