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Vegan Prince Invests In Tech Company Making Milk From Animal Cells

by | January 20, 2020

Popular vegan Royal Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal has invested in a tech company that makes dairy milk from animal cells — without harming any animals.

The Singapore-based company is called TurtleTree Labs, and is currently working to secure the necessary funding to further develop its product.

The company says it has created a “unique proprietary technology that uses mammary cells to produce real, full milk in clean food production facilities.”

“We believe the entire landscape of human breast and traditional bovine milk will be transformed as a result of our technology” said Fengru Lin, the company CEO.

TurtleTree Labs plans to launch its first milk product in the spring of this year.

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The new technology produces dairy milk without harming any cows (Photo: Studio Peace/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Prince Khaled

Prince Khaled has followed a vegan diet since 2009. He made the switch for health reasons but has become a keen advocate for how plant-based living protects the planet.

Last year the Saudi prince invested $1.2 million in Bond Pet Foods — a company producing a plant-based pet food that is nutritionally identical to meat.

Bond Pet Foods utilises a process that takes cells from live animals and then grows them through a fermentation process.

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