Vegan Protein Boosts

by | January 23, 2018

Vegan Protein Boosts for Healthy Living

The standard American diet (and the corporations who market it as the norm) has brainwashed society into believing they need vast amounts of protein and meals that have a meat, a grain, and then maybe some vegetables on the side. While there’s nothing wrong with eating protein, it’s important to recognize what is actually needed nutritionally and what has been marketed to you as necessary. You can get a ton of vegan protein boosts plant-based diet, especially in snacks and small meals, without having to worry about having a large protein (Sorry no fooling me, there is no meat on my plate!). You can also eat foods that contain smaller amounts of protein at each meal that the body can use efficiently to form proteins on its own, cutting out carbs and eating a large amount of animal products is not only “unhealthy” but completely detrimental to ones health. The human body can only use so much protein, unlike what mainstream media likes to spread around about it. In fact diabetes and kidney issues are linked to a diet high in animal protein. Check out the graphic below for ideas on how to get a balanced boost of protein during your day.


For more information on Vegan Protein, take a look at these articles- Lentils: The Ultimate Source of Vegan Protein and Plant Based Protein Sources. Another great way to learn about the appropriate nutrition you need each day is the Facebook group Ask A Plant Based Dietitian, which gives 24/7 access to registered vegan dietitians and affordable meal planning.

Vegan Protein Sources for a Boost


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