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Vegan Rights Activist James Aspey Running For Parliament In Australia

by | March 2, 2019

Vegan animal rights activist James Aspey, has announced that he will be running for Parliament with the Animal Justice Party (AJP) in the seat of Heathcote in the upcoming New South Wales state election in Australia.

Vegan Rights Activist James Aspey
Vegan Rights Activist James Aspey

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Vegan Rights Activist James Aspey Running For Parliament In Australia

AJP is Australia’s first political party created entirely to protect the interests and well being of animals. The party was approved back in 2011 and has had a few candidates go on to win elections.

Vegan Rights Activist James Aspey is one of 50 Lower House, and 18 Upper House candidates that are running for AJP Parliament. All of their candidates are vegan and dedicated to protecting animals. The Australian political party already has two MPs elected- Mark Pearson in NSW and Andy Meddick in VIC.

James is running as a candidate to support Emma Hurst. Hurst who has been vegan for nineteen years is running for a seat in the Upper House so that she can fight for the animals. She is said to be ‘sickened’ by the way the government allows corporations to cruelly exploit animal merely to make a profit.

Aspey wants the world to be a more peaceful place to live and is trying to make that a reality. He says that politics plays a vital role in the animal rights movement. He hopes that if we all come together to fight the animal rights fight that we’ll see faster progress.

The Austrailian has been a tireless advocate for the animals, and veganism. In 2014 he took a vow of silence for a year to raise awareness about the animals who have no voice. Aspey has appeared on television around the globe and regularly spreads the message about animal rights and the horrors of factory farming on his YouTube channel and social media outlets.

The political hopeful has a large following of celebrity support, including Ellen DeGeneres, who shared one of Aspey’s videos on her Instagram to her fifty-two million-plus followers.

What is your take on vegan rights activist James Aspey running for Parliament? Comment below.

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One Response to “Vegan Rights Activist James Aspey Running For Parliament In Australia”

  1. Katrina Love
    March 3rd, 2019 @ 11:10 pm

    Political activity is a VITAL component of animal activism, and any animal rights activist/vegan advocate serious about enacting change for non-human animals and protecting their habitats and the environment, should, at the very least, become a member of the Animal Justice Party.
    Whilst there is a call for public outreach, protests, exposés etc., the fact is that there is a certain percentage of the population who either don’t want to know (so won’t look), or know and just don’t care – no amount of leafletting, chalking, Cubes of Truth, speeches or YouTube videos will change their mindset, or more importantly, their behaviour.

    One can’t legislate against apathy or indifference, but one CAN legislate against animal abuse, exploitation, harm and commodification, and one can legislate FOR education (e.g. teaching of animal rights and the truth about the animal production and slaughter industries in schools), recognition of sentience and/or personhood, rights, health-driven initiatives that support the expansion of plant-based menus in schools, hospitals, nursing homes and prisons and the subsidisation of plant based industries over those that cause more human health issues, environmental damage and water consumption.

    I am glad to see James add this essential component to his acitivist bag.

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