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Lice Infection Control: Ways to Prevent Your Kid From Getting Lice

by | February 22, 2019

There are several lice infection control measures that can help you curb the menace. But as always, prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips to prevent your kid from getting lice in the first place.

Lice Infection Control: Ways to Prevent Your Kid from Getting Lice
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Lice Infection Control: Ways to Prevent Your Kid from Getting Lice


Lice Infection Control: Ways to Prevent Your Kid from Getting Lice

When your children attend school, there’s always the possibility of being exposed to different types of germs and icky situations. One of the most common (and not to mention, stubborn) things your children can contract is head lice. Head lice are little parasites that set-up camp on the scalp and feed off of blood. Although easily treatable, the best thing to do when you hear about a lice breakout in your child’s school is to take preventative measures to try and ensure that they do not contract it in the first place. Lice infection control can be a bit too tedious. Prevention is the best way to keep the itchy menace out of your home.

Keep long hair braided

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Since most schools do not allow students to wear hats, braiding hair is the next best thing that you can do. Lice can easily transfer from one host to another via hair strands so by keeping your kid’s hair tightly braided and as close to their body as possible, you can make it harder for lice to spread. If your child’s hair isn’t quite long enough to braid, but they have enough of it, a small pigtail or “man bun” for the boys is still better than nothing. Believe me, spending a little more time on braiding your kid’s hair each morning is a lot better than tedious lice

Use essential oils

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Certain essential oils including tea tree oil and lavender have been known to deter lice, so use them before your child heads off to school. You can add a small amount in either their shampoo or you can dab a little bit on their hairline to help scare away those pesky bugs. It is still recommended to keep their hair pulled back even with using essential oils.

Have a conversation about “sharing”

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It’s important to let your child know about how they can do their part in trying to prevent lice. Don’t share headgear with other students and maybe tell them not to play with their friend’s hair at school until the lice epidemic passes. Keep them aware of any warning signs (itchy scalp and neck) so that if they do get head lice, it can be treated and over with as quickly as possible.

What preventative measures do you take when it comes to your child being exposed to head lice? What lice infection control measures you find effective? Let me know in the comments below.

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