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VEGO Vegan Chocolate Launches In The US Following Huge Success In The UK

by | January 16, 2020

After becoming a much-loved vegan favorite in the UK, VEGO chocolate has finally made it to the US and Canada.

The popular brands hazelnut-chocolate bar is now on sale in select stores, and will soon be available nationwide.

“The VEGO bar is probably the tastiest chocolate bar in the world” promises the brand on its website, “organic, fair trade, vegan and gluten-free. What more do you want?!”

The vegan chocolate bars — which are available as 5.3 ounce bars and 2.3 ounce bars — were first created at the Vego Foodworld restaurant in Berlin by Jan-Niklas Schmidt.

Schmidt — the CEO of VEGO — developed the chocolate with totally organic and Fairtrade ingredients, using a combination of cocoa cream, hazelnut paste, and whole hazelnuts.

vegan hazelnut chocolate
VEGO chocolate bars have become a top choice for vegans in the UK (Photo: Elena Pavlovich/Shutterstock.com)

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VEGO Vegan Chocolate

In addition to the hazelnut-chocolate bars, VEGO also offers jars of Chocolate Spread, White Almond Bliss bars, Nuts & Berries Dark Chocolate bars, and Vegolino chocolate pralines.

Have you tried VEGO yet? Let us know what your favorite product is in the comments below!

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