Weaning My Vegan Baby- Part Two

by | September 12, 2017

Before seeing the community nurse for our six month health check. I was a little nervous about it because I knew the topic of introducing solids would come up. You never know what kind of attitude you will be met with when the ‘V’ word is uttered in a medical setting. At a previous check up I mentioned my diet. The nurse was impressed at my health and that of our baby. So I was hopeful that this appointment would be just as uplifting.

It was! The nurse was so helpful and even called my vegan baby ‘a delightful chap. Which earned him a big, dimply smile in return. We breezed through the development checks (hooray for vegan breast-milk!). Then I was asked if I had any questions so I took the opportunity. “I don’t eat animal products and I want my baby to follow the same diet. I have already done a lot of research. However, are there any resources you can share with me?”

Unsurprisingly, there wasn’t much official material available but he found a section in the clinic’s database on vegetarian diets. She shared what information they had with us.


It’s definitely getting better. Yet the literature on offer from official government health bodies regarding plant based diets are still severely lacking. Veganism is on the rise worldwide and our population is healthier for it. So why is it so hard to obtain the right information to get started?. I’ve read so many conspiracy theories about health authorities aligning with meat and dairy industry giants to drive demand. Therefore profit, through misinformation and the more I look for unbiased information on plant based diets. The more inclined I am to believe them!


Fortunately, these health authorities have human faces and the more ethically minded people there are in the world driving change and spreading truth. The more likely we are to come across individuals in the system who accept and support our moral stance. Whether or not they have chosen to make the commitment to veganism themselves.

We have been extremely lucky to have two nurses so far who are happy to help us find information to keep my vegan baby healthy. Especially as he moves onto solid foods. I hope that all new parents endeavoring to feed their little ones a healthy plant based diet are just as lucky. And that as a species we continue to move forward to a vegan future.



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