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What Is the Latest Vegan Leather Craze? Why should you Go For it?

by | December 14, 2018

Join in the latest vegan leather craze. 

We all know what unimaginable amount of suffering and cruelty goes behind creating animal leather. More than a billion animals are mercilessly slaughtered before being subjected to cruel practices like de-horning and castration. There’s no way that any animal leather can be guaranteed as cruelty free. But for a leather lover, does it mean an end to all those lovely jackets, shoes and purses?  Rather not; there’s Vegan Leather for fashionistas who love to flaunt their style without being the cross bearer of animal cruelty. 

vegan leather craze
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Vegan Leather Craze Is Here To Stay

Vegan leather is completely cruelty free since it is not made from animal skin. Vegan leather has the same sparkling glossy sheen and comes in an array of hues to match up any worthwhile designer’s whims. It is made from polyurethane and is environment friendly. 

And dare you doubt its versatility. Cruelty free animal friendly leather is devoid of any suffering and at the same time can be used for variety of products, be it sturdy shoes, trendy bags or classic jackets. You can even get intimate items made from vegan leather. Ain’t that amazing?

Hop onto the Vegan Leather craze
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As per PETA, Stella McCartney is among the first cruelty free leather fans and has come up with a line of designer vegan bags. 

The best part is Vegan leather allows you to flaunt the urbane chic or macho manly look without killing a defenseless animal. 

If you didn’t know already, let me walk you through the cruel lanes of animal leather. I am sure you’ll know why Vegan leather is turning out to be the most popular and ethical choice among celebrities.

Calf cries before being killed at the slaughterhouse
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  • There’s no way of knowing the source of animal leather you’re wearing or carrying. It could be from a cow, pig, sheep, crocodile or even human’s best friend- dog.
  • The most popular choice for animal leather is cow. They undergo humongous suffering before being slaughtered. They might be forced to march for days.
  • If the doomed cattle fall out of exhaustion, their tails are broken and chilli seeds rubbed in their eyes to make them continue their journey. 
  • Cattle are subjected to extremely cruel practices, such as branding, castrating, cutting off their horns before killing them 

Don’t believe me? Check out the complete list by PETA. 

Are you sure you still want to wear leather?

What are your thoughts on the latest vegan leather craze? Are you ready to join on the bandwagon of cruelty free products? Comment below. 

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  1. Randy Bouverat
    June 26th, 2019 @ 4:04 pm

    Thank you for your article. As a small company building a brand which “nudges” our consumer decisions in what we believe is the right direction, like we do with our vegan leather tech/travel kit, we realize each decision is imperfect. Good ones often mean a small cost or sacrifice. But every little decision we share to gether makes a big difference as a whole.

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