You Won’t Believe What This Vegan Brand Has Done For Veganuary

by | January 27, 2020

Sophie’s Kitchen, the gourmet vegan seafood brand based out of California, has gone the extra mile for the cause this month.

Focusing its entire social media presence on making big change, this plant-powered brand has devoted the entire month to promoting Veganuary — the annual plant-based challenge which has helped hundreds of thousands of people give vegan living a try.

Vegan Seafood Fro Sophie's Kitchen

Investing For A Cause

To show its support for Veganuary, Sophie’s Kitchen is putting not only time, effort and its platform, but several thousand dollars into bringing the vegan message and plant-based cuisine to the masses — one post (and one dinner table) at a time.

“2019 was declared the year of the vegan, and there are a growing number of curious people out there who want to try a plant-based diet but think it’s going to be too hard,” says Sophie’s CEO Miles Woodruff. “Veganuary makes it easy.”

sophie's vegan seafood for veganuary

Vegan Food For The Planet

Sophie’s Kitchen has developed its range of seafood alternatives with a focus on transparency, marine life conservation, and environmental responsibility — all ideals intended to change the status quo in our food systems starting with what we put on our plates.

“Marine life isn’t at the forefront of our conversations, yet many amazing species are on the brink of extinction because of overfishing,” he said. “I invite everyone who loves the ocean to spread the word about Veganuary.”

You can follow Sophie’s Kitchen on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and explore the brand’s amazing range of plant-based seafood here.

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