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Beyond Meat To Launch Spicy Vegan Breakfast Sausage

by | March 11, 2020

Beyond Meat’s newest product — Beyond Breakfast Sausage — will soon be available nationwide in the US.

The new pork-style vegan sausage will launch at the end of March and come in two flavors — Classic and Spicy.

The latest creation from Beyond Meat is made with pea and brown rice protein mixed with a selection of herbs and spices.

“An Exciting Next Step”

“Introducing Beyond Breakfast Sausage at retail stores is an exciting next step for our brand,” said Chuck Muth, chief growth officer at Beyond Meat.

“We continue to invest in expanding opportunities for shoppers to enjoy our products at home.”

“We’re very pleased with our retail momentum to date and entering the breakfast meat category was the natural next step for our brand as we look at our runway for future growth.”

beyond meat vegan burgers
Beyond Meat is increasingly available across the US and Canada (Steve Heap/Shutterstock.com)

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Beyond Meat Vegan Products

Starbucks recently added a Beyond Meat Sausage Sandwich to the breakfast menu in Canada. Although the sandwich is vegetarian as it comes, it can be ordered vegan.

Coffee chain Dunkin’ also put Beyond Meat on the menu this year, contributing to the highest comparable sales growth the company has experienced in the last six years.

Beyond Meat burgers have been available at Costco stores across the US since last year, with an eight-pack of the burgers on sale for $14.99

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