Mark Wahlberg Switches To Plant-Based Diet To Remedy “Leaky Gut”

by | March 10, 2020

Mark Wahlberg has revealed that he made the choice to switch to a plant-based diet to help battle nagging health issues, apparently caused by “leaky gut.”

The star dished on his lifestyle change during an episode of Men’s Health video series “Vs. The Internet.”

“What you put in your body is going to dictate how you ultimately feel, and if you wanna feel good, eat healthy stuff,” said Wahlberg.

He explained that he decided to go plant-based after suffering from a “leaky gut” during a period where he was eating a lot of meat. 

“I’ve been eating just plant-based for about three weeks now, and I gotta tell ya, I feel really good,” Wahlberg added.  

joaquin phoenix oscars
Joaquin Phoenix has been outspoken about going plant-based (Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Hollywood

Wahlberg is one of many celebrities to adopt a plant-based diet of late, with Robert Downey Jr and Dolph Lundgren both going vegan over the last year.

Other Hollywood stars who have chosen to go plant-based — and are markedly vocal about it — include Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, and Kevin Smith. 

What prompted you to transition to a plant-based diet? Let us know in the comments below!


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