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Rocky Actor Dolph Lundgren Goes Vegan After Watching "The Game Changers"

by | December 4, 2019

Swedish actor and Rocky IV star Dolph Lundgren has revealed that he has embraced a vegan diet after watching The Game Changers documentary.

The actor appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning, where he was interviewed by Susanna Reid and vegan cynic Piers Morgan.

Lundgren shared the he was encouraged to watch the film because his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the executive producers.

“I’ve noticed your blood sugar is constant, and you feel lighter” said Lundgren on the benefits of eating vegan. “You can have a lot more fun with your diet – as a fighter all you eat is chicken and rice.”

Adding that he had seen some improvement to his libido, the actor announced that “it was already quite good but it went up about 50 percent.”

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is an advocate for plant-based eating (Photo: Joe Seer/Shutterstock.com)

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The Game Changers Vegan Converts

The Rocky actor has joined the ever-growing list of people turning to a vegan diet after watching The Game Changers.

Last month Olympic cycling champ Chris Froome announced that he has dropped animal products from his diet after seeing the documentary.

In October, top bodybuilder Kai Greene trialled a plant-based diet following the advice in the film.

Greene recently tweeted to his 287.6k followers, “Don’t be mad that I can continue making gains all while staying consistent with my plant based diet… Don’t knock it until you try it!”

Who do you think will be next on the list of converts? Let us know your guess in the comments below!

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