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Beyond Sushi Adds New Mouthwatering Dishes

by | March 8, 2019

Beyond Sushi have expanded their already delicious vegan catering menu, and I can’t wait for the next office party. The vegan sushi company have taken a slight departure from their usual menu, and are going with a more global, hearty approach.

Finger Sandwiches By Beyond Sushi

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Beyond Sushi Adds New Mouthwatering Dishes

This is a big change for Beyond Sushi. The new menu boasts delicious vegan dishes with a global flair. The company, who will still be offering their vegan sushi items are now giving customers more options with the use of high-quality seitan, Beyond Meat, and vegan cheeses, adding some fun flavors and textures to their new dishes.

beyond sushi
Moroccan Lentil Puffs By Beyond Sushi

Chef Guy has tapped into his Moroccan background to give customers Moroccan Lentil Puffs; the dish features flaky puff pastry with spiced black lentils and chipotle aioli. There are 50 pieces per platter, perfect for parties.

Finger Sandwich Platters, featuring delicious finger sandwiches with seared chipotle seitan, creamy jackfruit salad, and ‘mozzarella’ caprese. Such a fantastic sounding variety, how does one choose?

beyond sushi
Homemade Ravioli  By Beyond Sushi

Tapping into the Italian flavors on their brand new HOT menu, Chef Guy makes a delicious freshly prepared Homemade Ravioli filled with braised kale and baby bellas in a shallot white wine sauce. This hearty, healthy dish serves twelve.

Speaking to Raise Vegan, Chef Guy said,

“my commitment to veganism is in part inspired by my family. I don’t want my young sons to live in a world without thriving oceans – these systems sustain so much life on our planet. We must act on these issues now, and a huge piece of the solution is a plant-based diet. As a chef, father, and business owner, this is where I choose to make my mark.”

He further added, “the wonderful thing about expanding our vegan catering is that it inevitably reaches non-vegans. Office meetings, parties, whatever the setting may be, it introduces new people to veganism in a tasty way. We want to show that vegan food can be just as satisfying – for plant-based skeptics, it starts there.”

Have a look at the Beyond Sushi website to see their brand new menu offerings.

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