Beyond Sushi, Known For Its Vegan Sushi Rolls, Expanding to the West Coast

by | November 19, 2018

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The iconic vegan sushi rolls serving restaurant, Beyond Sushi is about to expand beyond New York City to the west coast in next 18 months. Presently, Beyond Sushi is scouting for locations in West coast, particularly around Los Angeles and plans to set up 3 to 5 new outposts in the region.

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Owned by Guy Vaknin and his wife Tali, the brand originally started from New York City’s Union Square neighborhood in 2012 and gradually spread across 6 different locations. Vaknin has been a regular face on reality TV shows, including his stance as a finalist in the Gordon Ramsay’s popular cooking based reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen”. Recently, he appeared on another popular reality show, Shark Tank, where he managed to amass $ 1.5 millions as investment from Matt Higgins (businessman) and Lori Greiner(inventor), in exchange for equity.


Beyond Sushi is famous for its iconic vegan sushi rolls

As told to Veg news, Vaknin elaborates on his journey so far stating, “I have grown tremendously as a chef and even more as an entrepreneur, but I am just getting started. You have to enjoy the journey and make it last as long as possible. I believe I always have to keep growing and facing new challenges in order to serve a purpose in life.” Vaknin further opens up to Veg news, about his stint with investor ‘sharks’. He remarks, “Both sharks have been very engaged since the day we met in the tank.” He goes on to elaborate how Matt and Lori are lending their expertise to help Beyond Sushi grow beyond the east coast and NYC. Beyond Sushi is a popular eatery among veggie based sushi lovers,which is eminent from the netted sale crossing $4 million mark last year.

The West Coast outlet will continue to serve their iconic ‘black and four grain rice’ based vegan sushi rolls to its customers, in a full service restaurant. Their diverse menu will hopefully attract gourmands and food connoisseurs from the West Coast too. Vaknin seems to be hopeful for a bright future of the Vegan mission as he adds, “My motto has always been: ‘Get on the train now or jump on later, but soon it will not be a choice.’ ”

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