Are All Breast Pumps Created Equal?

by | December 19, 2017

The short answer to this questions is NO. There is, without a doubt, some major differences in quality with various breast pumps depending on desired outcomes. Thankfully we are at a stage in which the costs of popular pumps are coming down and more and more insurance companies are agreeing to reimburse or even pay up front for them.  The type of pump you get will entirely depend on upon your breastfeeding schedule and style.
Manual pumps will for sure, cost you the least amount of money. However, these are not without a lot of cons. The manual pump is good for someone who would like to collect the milk that can leak from one breast while feeding from the other. It can also be helpful if you simply must be somewhere away from your baby and it is just not feasible to bring an electric pump with you. That milk is precious and if you can figure out a way to save it then you absolutely should!  However, if you are someone who wants to build up a freezer stash of milk, skip the manual pump altogether as it really is not going to meet your goals.
Electric pumps, on the other hand, vary from a single electric for one breast all the way to a double pump that is hands free. I pumped with both my kiddos and my goal was always to pump as much as I possibly could at each session. Depending on your goal, you may be okay with a regular electric pump but I highly recommend going hands free. If you are a super pumper (someone who pumps a lot) you will want to have hands free so you can Facebook and Instagram pictures of your adorable baby while you are pumping. They make amazing hands free bras these days but back when I was pumping for the first time, I took a tight sports bra, cut holes in it and made a hands free one for myself (a little cheaper too!).
Listed below are some pump recommendations from manual to hands free electric. I hope you find the one that works for you….and let me know what words your electric pump is saying. Listen to the motor, it will talk to you eventually.
Manual Pumps
==>NOKIRE Manual Breast Pump
This pump is the most popular and highly rated on the market right now. It’s inexpensive and perfect for those mamas who just need to catch what is leaking from the other side. Small enough to throw in your bag.
==>Blue Moon Innovations Manual Breast Pump
Another very popular and inexpensive pump. A very soft silicone grip that will be gentle on your breast.  This pump also comes with a finger toothbrush for baby’s precious gums.  Dishwasher safe a super portable, you won’t go wrong with this pump.

Electric Pumps
==> Medela Pump In Style Advance (PISA) Breast Pump Backpack
I highly recommend this breast pump to anyone who will be going back to work or school and want to be able to pump on a regular basis in order to create a large backup supply.  This pump is truly amazing and allowed me to create over 400 ounces of beautiful frozen milk for children each time. Prior to this pump, I started out with a less powerful pump and it just wasn’t even remotely as powerful as this pump. This backpack is amazing because it allows you to easily transport your pump from home to wherever you are going.  It comes with a cooler bag and ice pack that will let you keep your milk cool until you get home and store it appropriately.It can run on a battery pack as well so if you lose power, you will still be able to pump.
==> Spectra Baby USA S2 Double/Single Breast Pump
This is a very popular one that is next in line to the Medela product line. For many years, Medela has had a strong hold on the market for having the best pump but the Spectra has broken the market wide open. This pump is hospital grade and has the ability to be sued a single or double pump, a feature completely lacking in the Medela series.  Many moms who breastfeed as well as pump will have a powerful letdown in the breast not being suckled. Having the ability to use the single pump on that breast while baby is suckling the other, is an amazing thing. I see this pump surpassing Medela if they do not come out with a pump that can do both.
What was your experience with breast pumps? Were you able to find one that worked for you or did it take some trial and error? Chat about your experience in our Facebook group or share with us on Instagram. Be sure to check out this article when your baby is ready to transition to solids!


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