Broke Vegans Guide to Eating

by | January 17, 2018

I don’t know about you but I LOVE food.

It’s my favorite meal of the day. The only thing I don’t like, the price tag. I love saving money almost as much as I love food. When I first became a vegan I spent so much money on fruit and “junk food”. I felt so good but it was getting to the point that I was spending close to 100 dollars a week JUST FOR MYSELF! I just couldn’t figure out where my money was going. After a few months of cutting back and cutting out I realized what I was doing wrong, and it’s what most of us do when we start out.

Here are a few tried and true tips for saving money but still eating great food, even junk food!


  • Eat in Season! Here where we live, we can’t get fresh strawberries in December unless we pay 7 or 8 dollars a quart. If you buy in season it will taste better and be less expensive.
  • Stock up! Cans of green beans on sale? Buy more than you need for the week so you already have them when the price goes back up.
  • Beans, beans, and more beans! Cans are great and convenient but you get so much more if you buy bags and soak them yourself. Potatoes are life. You can do so much with potatoes, and they are always in season. You can make a cozy potato lasagna, mashed potatoes, ultimate baked potatoes, fries, there are a ton of ways to make them and they keep you full.
  • Grow your own. If you live somewhere that you can garden then try it out. You can have a container garden if you rent or live somewhere with very poor soil.
  • Meal plan. That is what helped save us the most money. Every Sunday I sit down and go through our pantry to see what we already have and plan what meals I’ll be making. This keeps me from impulse buys at the grocery stores.
  • Coupons are your friend. A great place to start is your local paper, if you can’t find any for products you normally buy try emailing companies and asking for them. Often they will send you better coupons than you can find in the paper.
  • Keep easy staples on hand. Pasta and sauce are almost always in our house so that we have an easy go to meal to keep us from going out to eat when we are too lazy to cook.
  • Ugly fruits and veggies need love too. Find a grocery store that marks down “ugly” produce and check it out before you fill your cart with other things. They are just as good as the other produce and a lot cheaper.
  • Oats are where it’s at. Oats (oatmeal) are great for breakfast and they are often really cheap. They fill you up and you can “doctor” them up however you like.
I hope these tips help you as much as it helped me in the beginning stages of my journey!

If you feel like you need extra assistance and could use meal ideas, Ask A Plant Based Dietitian is a Facebook group that gives it’s members 24/7 access to registered dietitians and affordable meal planning options.


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