Credits: California Baby website

California Baby Plant-Based Brand That Will Make You Scream ‘Take My Money’

by | May 6, 2019

Amidst green-washing and marketing gimmicks where organic, natural, and plant-based have become the indiscriminately used keywords, there’s a brand that takes each tag seriously. From the 100% Plant-Based tag, to high quality ethically sourced key ingredients, the brand we are about to introduce you to aces in all departments and we can’t help but fall in love with the products EACH time! Keep reading to know more about the plant-based brand.

plant-based brand
Credits: California Baby website

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Mompreneur Lead Plant-Based Brand That Will Have You Scream ‘Take My Money’

California Baby is a 100% Plant-Based skincare brand that will have you scream ‘take my money’. Founder and CEO, Jessica Iclisoy, is a mompreneur who started her skincare product line after she shockingly discovered the presence of carcinogens in products for newborns. The exceptional quality, commitment to using only safe plant-based ingredients, and the passion for sustainable solutions made, the California Baby, grow exponentially. The brand has been around from before the time when the term ‘organic’ wasn’t even trending and has been ruling since.

Credits: California Baby
Mompreneur Lead Plant-Based Brand That Will Have You Scream ‘Take My Money’

California Baby

Obsessed with sustainability, quality, and purity, California Baby came like a storm, conquered, and established authority over the organic skincare industry. With a catalog of more than 80 dermatologists and pediatricians recommended skincare products for babies, teens, and adults alike, the brand’s passion for quality can be estimated from the fact that they built their own FDA registered, solar powered, certified plant-based and organic manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

Got trust issues? You’re not alone, and this is one brand that won’t let you down.

The company just launched 100% Plant-Based lotions tested and certified by USDA. They have the hundred percent Bio Based seal and if you don’t know what it means, maybe this will clarify:

Credits: Screen-grab from California Baby website
Mompreneur Lead Plant-Based Brand That Will Have You Scream ‘Take My Money’

The Star Products

California Baby has a wonderful range of products, you can check the entire range here. But if you are new to them and not sure about where to begin, here are the star products you could try out first.

California Baby Calendula Cream

Credits: California Baby website

This is an award-winning light Lavender scented, infused with clary sage essential oils, non-greasy, and soothing formula. It is further supercharged with calendula to provide relief to eczema-prone skin. The best part, it is cruelty-free, soy, gluten, and oat free, and has no nuts except coconut oil. California Baby grows its own Calendula flower in the company-owned organic farms to make sure that each of the ingredients that go into making is 100% pure. You can order it here.

California Baby ‘Overtired and Cranky’ Shampoo & Body Wash AND Hair Conditioner

Credits: California Baby website

Yes, you guessed it right. California Baby’s Overtired & Cranky Shampoo and Body Wash is a soothing blend of up-lifting Roman chamomile and tangerine that can really help in soothing a cranky baby, from overtired to sweet. The skin-friendly option can, in fact, be used by people of all ages. So the next time maybe when you are feeling a bit ‘cranky’ draw a relaxing bath and let the soothing blend work its magic. The product is safe for all skin types and is ideal for sensitive skin prone to eczema, rashes, and allergies. The certified organic main ingredient soap bark is sustainably harvested and combined with the power of plant-based glucosides leave skin fresh and clean without any irritation or dryness. You can shop it here.

The California Baby Overtired & Cranky Hair Conditioner is an excellent soothing treat for dry sensitive scalp prone to flaking and eczema. The unruly locks taming property of the product comes from cabbage based waxes that also add luster to hair and de-tangles them gently. To aid in soothing, softening and moisturizing hair, the conditioner features plant-based emollients and certified organic calendula and aloe vera extracts. And if the description tempts you to try it on your hair too, please do and rock those lovely locks! You can shop it here.

Well, the entire collection is ever-tempting, so give it a try. Check out the range here.

Which is your favorite plant-based brand? Have you tried any of these products? Let us know in the comments below.

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