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Distressing: Nearly 50,000 Animals Killed in Secret UK Research Base

by | May 2, 2019

In an appalling incident taking place in the United Kingdoms, a staggering number of nearly 50,000 animals had to lose their lives to military testing in a secret research base. Know more about the animals killed in secret UK research.

Animals Killed in Secret UK Research
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Nearly 50,000 Animals Killed in Secret UK Research

Guinea pigs poisoned with nerve gas, monkeys infected with biological weapons and pigs blown up, among all other worsts as it can get in recent testing taking place at a secret UK military research base. According to the Sunday Mirror, the broadcaster can reveal a mind-boggling amount of nearly 50,000 innocent lives being put to death at the hands of poisoned gases, biological weapons, and other appalling means, as can be imagined. All these in a top-secret government research base.

If figures reflected on the newspapers are to be believed, as much as 48,400 animals were killed at Porton Down at the DSTL (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory), Wiltshire between 2010 and 2017, reported the Mirror. Animals rights activists reportedly claimed the killed figures were “alarming” alongside calling the same unnecessary.

Symptoms Included “Writhing” and “Grasping”

During the experiments, investigations of Mirror reveals scientists shooting, blowing up and poisoning animals as a part of the defense ministry weapon research programme among other painful practices towards animals.

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50,000 Animals Killed in Secret UK Research

According to the heart-wrenching reports, after poisoning the guinea pigs, symptoms were noted that included “Writhing” and “Grasping”. To develop more effective body armors for troops and training doctors in treating army, pigs were reportedly blown in explosive tests, shot with rifles respectively. Animals those were still alive (just to say alive) were later killed and even dissected. Monkeys were injected with “biological weapons” like ‘anthrax’ to check the level of pain tolerance and the time it takes to die whereas some were forced to breathe mustard gas- that causes severe blisters and burn the lungs.

“Macabre and Terrible Practices”

The MoD said to the findings that all these are ‘indispensable’ for crafting technology that’d save the UK and its armed forces, adding that tests without animals (currently) aren’t possible, nonetheless they’re trying to reduce numbers. Animal rights activist group Animals Aid commenting on the incident said such “macabre and terrible practices” like this shouldn’t be involved in a civilized 21st Century society, adding-

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“To deliberately expose live animals to compounds, simulated blasts and biological pathogens which are known, and indeed developed, to cause extreme suffering and death is morally unconscionable.”

We are humans and have proudly been all the way to the moon and back. Why does replacing animals to other non-harming methods seem so challenging, this should be a question. What do you think about the nearly 50,000 animals killed in secret UK research? Let me know in comments.

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