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Human-Imitating Gorillas Pose for Selfies With Anti-Poaching Unit

by | April 30, 2019

Ever heard of Gorillas pose for selfies?

A hilarious display was shown by two young gorillas in Virunga National Park, DR Congo. Two gorillas struck an unmissably human-like pose for a relaxed selfie with forest rangers who rescued the animals from poachers, but unfortunately, their mother was killed. Learn more here.

Credit: virunganationalpark/ Instagram
gorillas pose for a selfies

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Gorillas Pose for Selfies With Rangers

The two gorillas are being raised in the Virunga National Park at DR Congo after an unfortunate poaching activity during which their parents were killed. The two little gorillas have been raised by the concerned forest rangers and, according to National Park’s deputy director who spoke to BBC, the two gorillas have learned to imitate human activities like standing since they have been around humans from a very young age. Adding more to the utterly amusing and cute feat of the two gorillas, the director said that, in fact, the two animals think of their caregivers as parents.

The high authority Innocent Mburanumwe told the BBC that the animal’s parents were killed by poachers back in 2007, a time when the two gorillas were just two and four months old. After their parents’ death, the little gorillas were taken to the Senkwekwe Sanctuary in Virunga where they have been living ever since. Mburanumwe explained that standing on two legs is, “learning to be human beings” in their own way, adding that such feats don’t happen normally.

Photo by Rob Tol on Unsplash
Gorillas Pose for Selfies

“I was very surprised to see it… so it’s very funny. It’s very curious to see how a gorilla can imitate a human and stand up,” said Mburanumwe.

The eastern region of DR Congo struggles in the bloody mire of poaching. A lot of armed groups continue to poach, thereby kindling the conflict between them and the government.

You Will be Shocked to the Moon and Back

The bane of wildlife, poaching among other unjust treatments, that animals receive from humankind is nonetheless barbaric. Poaching continues to take a toll on different animals across the earth, including gorillas. In the Congo basin region, the incredibly smart apes are unabatedly hunted, traded and even consumed as a part of the bushmeat trade, despite it being illegal. You will be shocked to learn that the consumption of gorilla meat is considered prestigious among elites in the Congo basin countries.

Animals need our care, not our repercussions. What do you think about the apes that posed for a selfie? Was not it amazing? Also, let me know your views about the unwanted poaching in the comments.

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