This Week’s Weekly Vegan News Round-Up

by | April 29, 2019

This week in vegan news, we have a large grab bag for you on everything from celebrities embracing veganism to celebrities ditching the lifestyle. We also have a couple of our favorite brands to share with you that we just know that you’ll love. Don’t ever miss out on vegan news again, here is this week’s vegan news round-up.

Subway Launches Vegan Sub Sandwich in the UK

Credit: @SubwayUK/ Twitter

In the UK? You won’t want to miss out on sandwich-chai Subway’s plant-based vegan sub.

Israel’s Vegan Village Where Each Resident Follows Only Plant-Based Diet

Credit: Nas Daily/ Facebook

Living off of what residents call a “Garden of Eden Diet”, all residents of this Israeli village follow uniquely a plant-based diet.

Chat With Moo Free, Leaders of Dairy Free & Vegan Chocolates

Award-winning UK brand Moo Free which offers vegan and dairy-free chocolates chats with our Raise Vegan team on their growing brand.

Vegan Coachella? Postmates and Festival Team Up to Deliver Grub to Partiers

Credit: David Calderón/ Unsplash

Coachella goes vegan-friendly by teaming-up with food-delivery service Postmates to get vegan grub to hungry festival goers.

Cellular Aquaculture Company BlueNalu Scales Up

Photo by zhan zhang on Unsplash

More news about the future of lab-grown meat? BlueNalu wants to supplement the fishing and seafood industry in an ethical way.

Jasmine Hartman Refused to Shoot in Hotel That Offers “Succulent Pig”

Credit: @jasmineharman/ Twitter

Strict vegan Jasmine Harman has refused to shoot an episode of “A Place in the Sun” in a certain location that doesn’t align with her cruelty-free lifestyle.

Reebok Develops Vegan Sneakers With “Things That Grow”

Credit: @peta/ Twitter/ Reebok Future Corn+Cotton

Reebok takes sustainability to a whole new level with their stylish plant-based shoes.

Interview With World Boxing Champion, Vegan Athlete Unsal Arik

Raise Vegan chats with the world boxing champion Unsal Arik who also happens to be vegan.

Queen Legend Brian May Will Wear Vegan Shoes for Upcoming Tour

Credit: @brianmayforreal/ Instagram

Lead guitarist and music legend, Brian May of Queen, shares with fans via Instagram some super sick vegan shoes that he will be wearing on tour.

Interstellar Star Anne Hathaway Shares Why She Quit Veganism in Iceland

Credit: annehathaway/ Instagram

Princess Diaries star Anne Hathaway reveals why she ditched veganism while on the set of Interstellar.

Former Meat Lover Simon Cowell Goes Vegan for His Health

Credit: Simon Cowell/ Instagram

The TV personality and former meat-lover Simon Cowell ditches the animal products for is health. Do you think that he’s vegan or just plant-based?

Vegan Couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Slew The Avengers Premiere in Dapper

Credit: @MileyCyrus/ Twitter

At the Avengers Endgame premier, vegan power-couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth show-up serving some major looks.

Vegan Stars We’ll be Cheering On During Marvel’s Avengers Endgame

Credit: Mark Ruffalo/ Instagram

Love the Avengers? Find out here which of your favorite Marvel stars are vegan.

Aussie Vegan Activist Starved In Jail Without Vegan Food to Eat

Photo by Emiliano Bar on Unsplash

Australian vegan activist James Warden who was sent to prison on multiple charges linked with his activism was reportedly starved for 2 days, not being provided any vegan-friendly options.

Vegan Sausage Roll Launched by Tesco to Compete With Greggs

Credit: by D K Grove/ Shutterstock

Love Tesco? You’ll love the even more with their new vegan sausage rolls!

Vegan Russell Brand Reveals He Isn’t Anti-Hunting?

By Everett Collection/shutterstock

Vegan Russell Brand sits down with active hunter and podcast host Joe Rogan to chat about hunting and Brand reveals an interesting stance on the matter.

Face Atelier: The Perfect For All Cruelty-Free Vegan Foundation

Credit: Raise Vegan/ Face Atelier

Looking for your perfect match foundation without making any sacrifices concerning your vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle? Face Atelier has just the foundation for you.

Vegan Mum’s Anti-Meat Protest Fetches Her Stereotypical Comment

By Shutterstock

A veterinary nurse and self-proclaimed vegan activist Claire Folan set out to have a demonstration at a local Sainsbury’s. The reception? Stereotypical.

Beyond Meat Opens It’s Very First Public Offering Of Common Stock

Credit: @BeyondMeat/ Twitter

Beyond Meat, the brand at the top of the vegan meat pyramid has opened its first shares of common stock to the public.

Which of these vegan news stories were your favorite from this week? Were there any that we missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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