Interview With World Boxing Champion, Vegan Athlete Unsal Arik

by | April 23, 2019

The World Boxing Champion, Turkish boxer, vegan athlete Unsal Arik is also an animal rights activist and he is promoting veganism in every possible way. This iron-fisted man had success at every turn, but he also has infinite compassion in his heart and one day, it was no coincidence that he was recognized by the entire world. The vegan boxer and World Champion  Unsal Arik has sincerely answered all the questions I asked him.

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Interview With World Boxing Champion, Vegan Athlete Unsal Arik

Here are excerpts from the interview with The World Boxing Champion Unsal Arik.

Hello Mr. Arik. We know you by dint of the world championship and we were very proud of this. Could you tell us briefly about yourself?

I was born in Germany on October 27, 1980. My deceased mother and father met here and married here. So it is my destiny to live abroad.

When and how did you start your sports life?

Like many young people, in my youth, I’d been keen on football and when I continued my career in Germany, I started boxing to improve my performance. This job started with jokes but then turned professional.

Why did you prefer boxing?

As I said, it started as a joke but afterward turned professional. I discovered myself again when I perform boxing and I set new goals for myself. These goals have changed my lifestyle and my thoughts.

To what do you owe your success in sports?

You need to work hard to be successful. I went to exercise while my friends were touring and had fun. When you have a goal, you should focus on it 100% and believe in yourself. I did this!

How did you feel when you became the world champion?

That’s a truly incredible feeling that you have succeeded in your goals.

We know that nutrition is important for an athlete. How do you eat as a world champion?

According to me, 70 percent of the sport is about eating. If you do not eat well, you cannot handle the sport properly. I prefer vegetables, fruits, and cereals that are always high in vitamins and proteins during intense workouts and match preparation. In the meantime, do not eat chocolate, chips-style junk food, and do not drink fizzy, sugary drinks.

We’ve heard that you do not use animal products. When and how did you turn vegetarian and vegan?

I have been vegetarian for 5 years and I’ve decided to be vegan as a result of my long research. I have a little dog named Oskar. I love the animals even more when my dog loves me unconditionally. And then, I’ve learned that we can live healthy when we do not eat meat or do not consume animal products. Nature has given us everything. Everything we need exists in vegetables and fruits.

Are plant-based diets difficult? Are there moments that you have found difficulty in this process?

No, I certainly did not have difficulty because it’s not a big change. People think that protein is only in meat products because they do not search for this. In fact, they don’t know that a bowl of lentil soup is a protein depot. As I said, there is everything in nature what we need and we don’t need to kill and eat animals to survive.

What are the effects of your plant-based diet on your performance and your health?

Since the day I started my plant-based diet, I feel much more powerful and energetic. According to me, one of the nicest thing is being much healthier and less sick. If an athlete can eat a plant-based diet everyone can do it.

Where and how would you like to see yourself in the future?

I participate in many social responsibility projects besides my sports career. For example, I’m the embassy of the Children’s Heart Foundation. In the future, I want to educate more people about veganism and animal rights…I would like to cooperate with animal rights organizations. That makes me incredibly proud.

Once and for all, what is your message for the readers?

Please research more and read more. Every creature comes to live in this world, just like us. Let’s not forget that animals are our friends and they deserve a better life. My beliefs taught me to live in peace, not killing! I would like to live in a world where no human or no animal being is tortured or killed. I would like to live in a peaceful world…

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